Click a card to turn it over.

front of sixteens place card; 16 dots.
back of sixteens place card; no dots.
front of eights place card; 8 dots.
back of eights place card; no dots.
front of fours place card; 4 dots.
back of fours place card; no dots.
front of twos place card; 2 dots.
back of twos place card; no dots.
front of ones place card; 1 dot.
back of ones place card; no dots.
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Credits (Just like a movie!)

Developed by Bob Brown
Hosted by Kennesaw State University
3D animation effect by Nattawat Nonsung
Background by V. Hartikainen

This page works with the Introduction to Binary Numbers Teachers' Kit, but please use it for anything interesting or fun!

Much as I hate to say anything browser-specific, this page works best with Firefox. If the cards "misbehave" in Chrome, reloading the page may fix the problem. The animation isn't quite right in Microsoft Edge.