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Importing Courses from SharePoint to Desire2Learn

The College of Computing and Software Engineering uses a SharePoint repository of approved course packages. These are Desire2Learn courses that are approved for online delivery after a Quality Matters review. Here are some brief instructions for importing a course package from the SharePoint file.

Do This First!

Importing the course package is the very first thing you should do. If you start building the course and then import the course package, you risk having your work overwritten by the package contents, or having duplicate contents for the same item.

Locating the Course Packages

The course packages are generated by exporting the entire course from the master copy in Desire2Learn Brightspace, so they're zip files. Course packages are stored in SharePoint at the following links. Download the appropriate course file using a link below. If there are two or more files with the same course numbers, be sure to get the latest one. Save the file in a reasonable location; for Windows, that could be the desktop.

Importing a Course Template

See the "Do This First" note above! Open your empty course and select the Course Admin navigation link. It's the rightmost link in the navigation bar under the Kennesaw State logo.Screenshot showing course admin link

In the Course Admin page, select Import / Export / Copy Components. It is in the rightmost column of the Site Resources group.

Screenshot showing Import/Export/Copy

In the Import / Export / Copy Components page. select the Import Components radio button and click Start.

Screenshot showing import button and start

Clicking Start will open a page for uploads. Drag the file you downloaded from SharePoint to the upload area. Depending on your upload speed, there may be a delay of a few minutes while the file is uploaded. The progress bar will show the progress of the upload.

When the file is completely uploaded, click the Import All Components button. The course package will be imported into your new Desire2Learn Brightspace course area, and you can start customizing. You can also delete the course package file you downloaded from SharePoint.

Screenshot showing Import All

Faculty Resources

Many courses in CCSE contain a Faculty Resources module that's hidden from students by being saved as a draft. If your course has such a module, that's a good place to start. Be careful not to publish it, or it won't be hidden any more!

Last updated: 2018-01-23 19:04