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Bob Brown, about 2014

I earned the master's degree in computer science from Southern Polytechnic State back when it was Southern College of Technology and the Ph.D. degree in computer information systems from Nova Southeastern University. I have been teaching at Southern College of Technology, and then SPSU, now merged into Kennesaw State University, since January, 1996. I retired in 2017 after 21 years of teaching.

Teaching has followed a 30-year career in information technology beginning in 1969, and in medical informatics since 1974 when I began working with the Medical Association of Georgia to develop the methodology for medical care review which assures quality and appropriateness of medical care for Medicare patients.

I taught because it is rewarding to help students have the "Aha! experience," and that happened several times each term. It made me feel really good to help others learn the things I know and to learn new things myself in the process.

You can still send e-mail to me at: Bob dot Brown at kennesaw dot edu. Other contact information has its own page.

If you're applying for a job or graduate school and you were in one of my classes, I can still write a recommendation.  Read about recommendations or references from me.

Why do professors seem so busy with only a few classes? Read How I Spent Summer 'Vacation' by Eszter Hargittai. So, I didn't have time to be sick. Neither do you; you may also want to read my web rant about vaccinations.

Material for Teachers

Introduction to Binary Numbers This is a "packaged" lesson that can be presented in a 50-minute class period. It is suitable for grades three to ten.

I have a few prepared presentations; invite me to speak at your school!

Quote without comment

It is difficult to recognize opportunity because "opportunity looks a lot like hard work."
      –Ashton Kutcher, 2013 Teen Choice Awards ceremony

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I am available for limited consulting engagements. If I can help your organization, please contact me at: electronic mail: bbrown at kennesaw dot e d u Complete contact information is here.

I have completed consulting engagements for American Physician Services, Blue Link Webs, Eagle Hospital Physicians, the Georgia Higher Education Alliance, the Baker High School Alumni Association, William Hardcastle, MD, Riverstone Montessori Academy, Elite Property Maintenance, and the State of Georgia, among others.

Memberships and Professional Activities

Member of ACM, IEEE, and IEEE Computer Society. Past president of the Atlanta Chapter of DPMA, now AITP.

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