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Lecture Slides and Podcasts

You can listen to the lectures directly from this page. However, that often doesn't work for reasons I cannot control. The easiest way to manage lectures and slides is with iTunes. You must have iTunes installed on your computer for this to work. You can download iTunes for PC or Mac for free, directly from Apple. That will also install the Quicktime player needed to play the audio online. Follow the directions for Manual Subscription using iTunes below.

You will also find the slides to accompany each lecture here. You can display the slides in your Web browser by cilcking the "PDF" links. If you are using iTunes, the slides will appear in your list of podcasts, along with the recorded lecture. Slides are marked with a "book" link. Double-clicking a line for slides in the grid display will launch your PDF reader and display the slides.

You must have a PDF reader installed on your computer to view the lecture slides. You can download the Adobe Reader for a variety of platforms directly from Adobe.

To use this material within Blackboard Vista, click one of the "play" links. You will get a black screen for some period of time while the material you selected is downloaded to your computer. Just be patient. (That's why using iTunes is easier.)

I've prepared a page with a longer explanation of using the slides and podcasts.

Manual subscription using iTunes:

  1. Copy the following link:
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Click "Advanced"
  4. Select "Subscribe to Podcast"
  5. Paste the copied link in the "URL" box
  6. Click OK

Links for Direct Play:

Note: Only the links that say Play actually do anything. The rest lead to the podcasting server's main page. However, everything below this paragraph is generated, and so I can't (easily) fix the bogus ones.

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