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IT 3203 – Introduction to Web Development

Spring Semester, 2016
Tuesday / Thursday
3:30 to 4:45 PM in J-262
Brown, B.

Required Text: Sebesta, Robert W., Programming the World Wide Web, Eighth Edition, Pearson / Addison Wesley, 2014. ISBN-13: 9780133775983. Note: This book is available as Kindle editions or rentals on Amazon as well as in the KSU bookstore. Other options may also be available. The differences in covered material between the seventh and eighth editions are small. Attentive students can probably use the seventh edition successfully because the new material will also be presented in the lectures. Noted as S in the reading list.

Recommended Text: Morville, Peter and Louis Rosenfeld, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Third Edition, O'Reilly, 2006. ISBN: 0-596-52734-9, ISBN-13: 9780596527341. For purposes of this class, the first or second editions, which may be available used, are also suitable. Noted as M in the reading list.

In this intensive class, students cover the breadth of Web development tools from HTML to database-driven Web sites. No previous Web experience is required, but come prepared to work. (You will need the programming skills provided by the prerequisites.)

Lab Exercises See D2L Brightspace
Lecture Slides and Podcasts  See D2L Brightspace
Printing the Lecture Slides   
Class Syllabus Last update: (Checking... )
Your Computer Account  
Working with Your Web Page  
An Example of Proper Writing 
Standards of Academic Conduct 
Web Development and Intellectual Property 
Supplemental Examples
Drag-and-Drop with DOM2
Dynamic Menu Example
Examinations and Grades
Sample Examination Questions
Web Developer's Bibliography
Optional Reading
About CSS Boxes
An External Stylesheet Example
Help Debugging JavaScript
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
A Gentle Introduction to PHP
PHP Arrays and Forms Handling
Database Access with PHP
Helpful Web Links Help working with files in the Linux command line environment. The W3C's HTML Mark Up Validation Service Regular expression tool for Windows The W3C's CSS Validation Service Defines the HyperText Transfer Protocol CSS to the Max!

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