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Main Research Areas

        Food Webs &                             Hypergraph Ecology

        Mutualism &                             Game Theory

        Plant Competition &                 Plant-Soil Feedbacks


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(please feel free to email me for a copy of any I'm not allowed to post yet)
** = undergraduate author/ co-author

Golubski, AJ, Westlund, EE, Vandermeer, J, & Pascual, M. 2016. Ecological networks
over the edge: hypergraph trait-mediated indirect interaction (TMII) structure.

Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Golubski, AJ, O' Connell, NS **, Schwartz, JA, & Ellermeyer, SF. 2014. A 'crying wolf'
game of interspecific kleptoparasitic mutualism.
Biology Letters 10:20140073.         

Kamran-Disfani, AR ** & Golubski, AJ. 2013. Lateral cascade of indirect effects in food
webs with different types of adaptive behavior.
Journal of Theoretical Biology 339:58-69.

Golubski, AJ & Abrams, PA. 2011. Modifying modifiers: what happens when
interspecific interactions interact?
Journal of Animal Ecology 80:1097-1108.        

Golubski, AJ. 2011. Dual plant host effects on two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

Golubski, AJ & Klausmeier, CA. 2010. Control in mutualisms: combined implications
of partner choice and bargaining roles.
Journal of Theoretical Biology 267:535-545.

Golubski, AJ, Gross, KL, & Mittelbach, GG. 2010. Recycling-mediated facilitation and coexistence based on plant size. American Naturalist 176:588-600

Craft, KJ, Brown, JS, Golubski, AJ, & Ashley, MV. 2009. A model for polyandry in oaks
via female choice: a rigged lottery. Evolutionary Ecology Research 11:471-481.

Golubski, AJ, Gross KL, & Mittelbach, GG. 2008. Competition among plant species
interact with their environment at different spatial scales.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Golubski, AJ. 2007. Interactive effects of builders and exploiters on environmental
and the outcome of competition between the two.
Journal of Theoretical Biology

Golubski, AJ. 2002. Potential impacts of multiple partners on mycorrhizal community
dynamics. Theoretical Population Biology 62:47-62.
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     photo credits: ant - Steve Jurveston, aphid - Guido Gerding, beetle - Scott Bauer,
     ectomycorrhizae - Randy Molina, pines - Jsanchezd, nitrate & ammonia - Benjah-bmm27

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Sept 10th, 2016


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