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About Me

Growing up in the Appalachian Mountain in the heart of coal mining country taught me many things about life and one’s ability to prosper without financial wealth.  The old adages of “waste not, want not”, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” and “anything worth doing is worth doing well” were and are a part of my life.  Most of all, along with the love of my family, was the unspoken expectation that “you can be who you want to be.”  This core belief became central to my teaching.  I have told students, from kindergarten to graduate school, “You can learn any thing you want to learn. You can reach for the stars of success and I will help you through your journey.”  I believe in the power of learning, the power of students to learn and the power of the teacher to allow that to happen for all students.

Academic Vita

Dr. Anita VanBrackle
Elementary and Early Childhood Education
1000 Chastain Rd. # 0121. Kennesaw Hall. Blg. #1, Rm.2302
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591
Phone: (770)-423-6119. Fax: (770)-420-4346
E-Mail: avanbrac@kennesaw.edu

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