Dr. Bill Hill

Professor of Psychology &

Director, KSU Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning


Contact Information

Bill Hill, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning and Professor of Psychology
Kennesaw State University
1000 Chastain Rd., Building 54
Mailbox #5400
Kennesaw GA 30144-5591
EMAIL: bhill@kennesaw.edu
PHONE: 770-423-6410
FAX: 770-499-3253


Brief Bio

I received my Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the University of Georgia in 1979 and have been on the faculty at Kennesaw State University (KSU) since then. During my tenure at KSU, I have been a full-time teaching faculty member and assumed several administrative roles, including Department Chair of Psychology (1988-1994) and Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs (1998-2002), with a brief period as Acting Vice President from April-July 2002. In fall 2002 I became the full-time Director of the KSU Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, which coordinates programs designed to enhance teaching as well as a Faculty Teaching Fellows program. My professional activities have primarily revolved around research on teaching in higher education and in the discipline of psychology and service to teachers. My research interests center on teaching issues, most recently focusing on faculty use of and attitudes about extra credit; defining and assessing expected learning outcomes for the undergraduate major in psychology; and the development of resource materials to enhance the teaching of cross-cultural psychology. In 1989 I founded, and still continue to coordinate, the annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology. I also helped organize two national conferences on best practices in psychology education, one on assessment in 2002 and another on teaching the introductory psychology course in 2003. I am active in a variety of national leadership roles in the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP), Division 2 of the American Psychological Association (APA), and in APA governance. My roles have included Program Chair for the annual STP program at the APA Convention, chair of the STP Long Range Planning Committee, President of STP in 2001-2002, membership on the APA Board of Convention Affairs, and a current appointment as Director of Programming for STP. I was honored to receive the KSU Distinguished Teaching Award in 1985 and am a Fellow of APA Divisions 1 (General Psychology), 2 (STP), and 52 (International Psychology) of APA. At the 2004 APA Convention I received the American Psychological Foundation Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching in Psychology.

Brief Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy and practice of teaching embodies several basic tenets. First, I believe that a good teacher must approach the classroom situation as a shared learning experience. This requires me to make every effort to involve the students in their educational experience. I try to accomplish this through an enthusiastic attitude toward the material, encouraging students to participate in class through the use of a Socratic method of teaching, helping students make connections between the course material and their everyday experiences, and attempting to establish an atmosphere where students can be free to express their ideas and opinions. Secondly, I want to challenge the student to use the course material as a foundation for life-long learning. I attempt to accomplish this goal through the development of creative projects and exercises both within and outside class that are both designed to stimulate their interest in the course content and relate it to their future career goals. Next, I believe that I must be fair and objective in my course planning and follow through. Finally, I hope that I can be a role model of excellent teaching for my students thus inspiring some of them to pursue a teaching career in higher education.

Current Curriculum Vitae

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