just learning... patience please

 tips and tricks with word97

for wordperfect fans used to keyboard commands...
ALIGNMENT cursor can be anywhere within the text... beginning, middle or end
ctrl + E center text
ctrl + R right-align text
ctrl + L left-align text
ctrl + J justify text
BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE perform command at the beginning of the word/phrase to turn the function on... at the end of the word/phrase to turn it off... or highlight the word/phrase and then hit the key combination
ctrl + B bold
ctrl + I italic
ctrl + U underline text
ctrl + shift + W underline single words
ctrl + shift + D double underline words
SUPER/SUB SCRIPTS be careful with these... if you hit the wrong  combination strange things start to happen
ctrl + = apply subscripts
ctrl + shift + = apply superscripts
INDENTING cursor should be placed at the beginning of where you want to indent
ctrl + T create a hanging indent
COPY/PASTE highlight the text or graphic
ctrl + C copy text or graphics or text boxes, etc.
ctrl + V paste text or graphics or text boxes, etc.
ctrl + enter page break
ctrl + shift + enter column break
INTERNATIONAL CHARACTERS be sure you get the sequence right
ctrl + `(accent grave), the letter à, è, ì, ò, ù, À, È, Ì, Ò, Ù
ctrl + ' (apostrophe), the letter á, é, í, ó, ú, Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú
ctrl +  shift + ^ (caret), the letter â, ê, î, ô, û, Â, Ê, Î, Ô, Û
ctrl + shift + ~ (tilde), the letter ã, ñ, õ, Ã, Ñ, Õ
ctrl + shift + : (colon), the letter ä, ë, ï, ö, ü, ÿ, Ä, Ë, Ï, Ö, Ü,
customizing your toolbars
customizing your toolbar is a great way to simplify your word processing life... even better, it's simple to do.

under format... choose customize...choose the commands tab... highlight the category you want... for example... under categories highlight format... under commands cruise through your choices and when you find one you'd like to place on your toolbar (like all caps perhaps) grab it and drag it to the top... you can place it at the end of a toolbar or in between "buttons" already in place.  (my toolbar has buttons for superscripts, subscripts, single, 1.5, and double linespacing, double underline, change text direction, merge cells and split cells for tables, insert date, insert page#, font colors, plus a few of the fonts that i use on a regular basis.)   To remove the buttons, get back into format, customize, commands mode and drag the "button" off the toolbar.

 text boxes

the text box is a wonderful little feature... i use it for all kinds of things... newsletters, seminar posters, flyers, announcements, programs... you name it, you can use a text box.   the thing i like best about using a text box is the control you have... you can position that box anywhere you want on the page.  you can give it a border... you can change the filler... you can layer it with other boxes... or link a bunch of them together.