Atlanta Triker

Bobby Greer - "Wheels" - Hampton, GA - 770-473-4479
Aquilla 503- Beaverbrook Aerodome

August 2007 - I have owned my Aquilla trike for nearly 5 years and still only have slightly more than 40 hours on the engine! That alone is another story. During this time period I have done litterly everything possible WRONG! I can be an excellent consultant to any future triker on what not to do. But, things have improved a little. For the last year I have been learning and working on my trike preparing it for this transition to the new Sport Pilot rules. I completed work on my trike on July 12th, then I sat in the hangar and said to myself; "Now what?" You think you have a trike ready to pass Airworthiness inspection but you have never soloed and actually only flown in less than 5 hours! I started looking through my log book, reliving every entry, then realize I had logged over 40 hours; 309 landings, flew 4 different trikes with 3 different instructors! So......I fired it up and took off! Only after I was in the air did I suddenly remember I should not be flying it after completing the annual inspection/preparation before the airworthness inspection. So, I made a pass over the runway just to make sure I could line up. Planned to land on the next pass and play like I had not flown. My landing was okay but a little bouncy so I just could not quit my first ever solo flight on a poor landing regardless. I took off again, this time I greased it! So I stopped. Then, as I took a walk around my trike, I nearly dislocated my should patting myself on the back for the great job I had done. I had been referred to a DAR in Griffin who I phoned and made an appointment to visit him. I left him all my records and awaited his call for an appointment. My trike is at a private grass strip north of Griffin in Spalding County, called Beaverbrook, where he inspect my trike. That day finally happened on Thursday, August 2nd!! Now, my bright yellow Aquilla is registered and certified Experimental N2572C !!!! My next object is to become a "legal" Sport pilot as I am not totally illegal. Although, I have been a member of EAA, USUA & ASC for 5 years; am registered with USUA as a Student Pilot under the old rules: and I have my Student Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA for Sport pilot training. Through all my efforts, Chuck "Catkiller" Goodrum has always been my most trusted advisor, sometimes instructor and patient friend. He has been nagging me for all these years to introduce myself through the AT yahoo group discussion list. Just like my solo, I finally got up the courage to do it.