Atlanta Triker

Tony Castillo - "Rainman" - Cumming, GA - 404-561-7632 - Pegasus QUIK - Jackson Co and Mathis private

Current Trike - P&M QUIK 912 tonyQUIK
"I'm thrilled to finally get going in this wonderful sport and to have found such a nice group of people. Special thanks to John Keith & "Batman" who kindly took me for a ride in my first discovery flight, and to "Fast Eddie" who is a wonderful and very patient instructor. He has given me so much good advice and a wonderfully maintained trike to learn with. I want everybody to know that from the moment I discovered the Atlanta Trikers and started contacting members to gather information, (I had NO IDEA of anything I needed to get started into this sport) everybody went out of their way to provide me with answers and direction. It is a wonderful feeling for somebody starting in this sport, to know that you can count on the support of this group. The fact that in only a few weeks from wanting to fly to having a trike, instructor, hanger-mates, and more information than I can digest is proof of what this group is really all about. Without the Atlanta Trikers I would probably still be sitting in my hammoc watching the sky, wishing, and wondering how to start! ... I SOLOED yesterday and it was awesome. Ed took me for some prior-solo check landings including a totally unexpected engine shut-off during down wind and dead-stick turn, approach and landing. Then I did about 6 landings SOLO and waited until calmer weather and did another bunch of landings - over 12 more landings, I lost count. It was awsome and I can't wait to go again. ... The Summer of 2007, John Keith, Greg Kirby, and I flew to Trikefest 2007. Our five day triking adventure from Atlanta to Chicago started on Wednesday July 18 at 7:15PM and ended on Monday July 23 at 3:15PM. The memories will remain forever. Total x-country distance flown is 1,421 miles (not including local flying at Cushing). Total hours in the air is 26.60. We flew over Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. Total fuel consummed by all three trikes was approximately 198.3 gallons costing $827.73. We flew over mountains, rivers, towns, trees, forests, grass fields, pastures, Lake Michigan and a whole lot of corn in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. We landed and tookoff in head winds, cross winds, tail winds, no wind, and behind each other's rotors. I will do it again next year. Awesome.

tony912 tonyAB

(left) Second Trike -
Pegasus Quantum 912

(right) First Trike -
Airborne 582 Wizzard