The Atlanta-Trikers is a network of "trike" pilots, owners, students, and enthusiasts who live in and about greater Atlanta, Georgia. We are not affiliated, recognized, or organized as a state or national aviation association. Fundamentally, we are recreational flyers triking in the North Georgia sky. Our flying machine is commonly known as a "trike" and operated as an powered ultralight vehicle, ultralight-trainer, experimental aircraft, and as of September 1, 2004 a "weight shift control" light sport aircraft. Our pilots hold a variety of experience ranging from ultralight through airlines. The above photo captures some of us after a cross-country flight to South Carolina and back. Three of us flew a leisurely five days to Chicago, IL and back. We maintain a Yahoo Groups discussion list and trikers who live in the region are invited to subscribe. For further information contact Chuck Goodrum. Trikers living outside the Atlanta region but in the Southeast are invited to subscribe to Southeast-Trikers, an out growth of the AT.

!!   Twenty-one trikers have officially completed the sport transition, three of which are instructors and one of which is an examiner   !!

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Notes:Created-July2003. Last update-November, 2008. Thanks:KSU. Photo taken by Hoag Ostling.