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In April 1995, I launched "Trikes R Us" as a four-page publication. In 1997, an Internet website was constructed. By 1999, the publication expanded to twenty pages. During 2000, the magazine was delivered digitally via the Internet. By the end of 2000, I closed TRU. This decision was based on the following factors: my mother's failing health (and eventual death at 86 in 2003), the growing number of trike articles finally appearing in the popular ultralight and experimental magazines, the expansion and popularity of Internet email discussion-lists, TRU's transition to the internet, the lack of financial resources required to sustain operations, and the enormous time and effort required to publish. Oh yes, I had a full time job to attend to. I enjoyed it too. It fed me, put gas in the car and trike, and allowed me to save enough money to eventually retire.

The "Us" in Trikes R Us referred to the network of United States (USA) trike owners, pilots, and enthusiasts. Trikes R Us provided the triking community with its first publication dedicated to trikers, promoted triker "Gatherings", encouraged the formation of triker "squadrons", and otherwise fostered the dissemination of information throughout trikedom. It was personally a fun, rewarding, and an exhausting journey. I started TRU because there was not a publication dedicated to triking. I enter trikedom after transitioning from hang gliding, purchasing my first trike, and like a kid with a new toy enthusiastically took on the recreational challenge, which in my case included the organizational and publication challenges.

Today, I reside in Calhoun, GA, hangout at the Tom B Davis Airport, fly and maintain my trike, instruct, issue student pilot certificates, conduct pilot proficiency checks and practical tests. ride and chat with the Atlanta Trikers, manage web sites and discussion lists of the Atlanta-Trikers and the Southeast-Trikers, and from time to time write and talk about triking. I am a Federal Aviation Safety Team member in the Atlanta Region. With the advent of the revolutionary and long over due USA light sport aircraft and sport pilot regulation, I ponder future adventures and challenges. One could be to create the United States Trike Owners and Pilots Association or the North American Trike Owners and Pilots Association), or trikers of the United States, which would publish an association magazine, perhaps named "Trikes R Us". Smile.

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