Chuck Goodrum

My first trike was a late 1970's LEAF with a Cayuna 340 motor. It was mounted upside down. The wing was a white with red leading edge 175 sq ft Flight Design. Only five LEAF's were manufactured mostly for the company's owner and staff. (below left). Sold the LEAF and bought a Jet Wing. (below left of center). After mounting various motors to the Jet Wing, I highly modified it (below right of center) to accept an Air Creation XP11 meter wing with trim, a DCDI 503 Rotax motor, which was mounted in isolation from the re-angled mast, a 62-inch three blade ground adjustable IVO prop, lengthened side rails, steel, front fork with brake and throttle, side cruise throttle, and larger fuel tank. Kept the original narrow and spooked plastic wheels to maintain a bit of the Jet Wing's antique character. Also kept the Jet Wing's cloth seat which I consider the most comfortable seat of any trike. Like to refer to it as my modified, raked, and chopped, hot-rod trike. Tagged it "Jet Air." After becoming an instructor, I purchased an Australian dual-seat, Airborne EdgeX with oil injected 582 Rotax and Streak wing with trim (right). Click on the photos below to view other perspectives.

LEAF.jpg jetwing Mod Jet Wing Airborne

drawing I have flown a variety of fixed, rotor, and flex-wing aircraft since initial flight training in the US Army in 1967. As a military aviator, I flew the 0-1 Bird Dog in the 21st and 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Companies during separate tours in Vietnam. I currently hold a FAA commercial, single/multi-engine, land pilot certificate in airplanes and rotorcraft - with an airplane instrument rating; FAA sport pilot and instructor certifications in weight shift control; a FAA sport pilot examiner designation (SPE); and and EAA registered ultralight pilot and flight instructor in powered weight shift. I principally test flight students and pilots for sport pilot and private pilot certification in weight shift control; coach people to fly trikes; and hangar my trike in Calhoun, Georgia at the Tom B David Airport, (CZL) in Calhoun, Georgia 40 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. As a civil pilot, I enjoyed flying the Cessna 182RG and the Robinson 22. In the early 90's, I entered training to hang glide, during which I discovered the powered hang glider on a pilgrimage to Sun 'n Fun. The physical, emotional and economical effects of this powered flying machine, has brought me endless joy. The view it affords is fantastic! The altered consciousness it provides is meditative. And, it's economic and practical advantages far surpass any aircraft I have flown. From 1995 through 2001, I published "Trikes R Us", a magazine and website, dedicated to trike enthusiasts. Today, I fly my trikes as often as weather, time, and money allow. If you want to learn a bit more about trikes and the pilots who fly them, click on the trike drawing to the right. I was an avid motorcyclist until I trashed my Honda ST1100 during a cross-the-USA ride to attend a 220th RAC reunion in Las Vegas and to visit my son in California of October 2003. This experience brought closure to my motorcycling, which began in 1975, and allowed me to enjoy another passion - sport cars, which began in 1960 with the purchased of a 1960 Austin Healy Sprite. Today, I continue to gain great pleasure driving about the twisty mountainous roads of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

I am a co-founder of the Georgia Sport Flyers Association (GSFA). The club is a metro Atlanta, Georgia ultralight club. Another is the East Atlanta Flyers, which split from the GSFA in 1998 to accommodate the growing concentration of flyers East of Atlanta. A third UL club, "Club USA", formed to the South in 2002. All are affiliated with the United States Ultralight Association. Some of the three club's members are Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and/or Aero Sports Connection members. During the late 90's, I founded another flying group exclusively composed of trike owners, pilots, and enthusiasts who primarily reside in the greater metro Atlanta, called the Atlanta Trikers. We have no officers, just a website, an email discussion list, and flight gatherings, dinners, and parties when the moment strikes our fancy. Similarly in 2007, I founded the Southeast-Trikers. When I started triking, at Sun 'n Fun, as far as I knew, I was the only triker flying in my Atlanta neighborhood. I had to travel to another state to get trike training and to another one to purchase my first trike. Today, I am most happy that others have taken to triking. You are invited to join all of us - ultralight, sport, and private trikers - as we fill the sky in and about the greater Atlanta, GA area and the Southeast, USA region. Again, there are no officers, simply the Yahoogroups' email discussion lists and it's associated web features.

June 1 2004, I finally graduated from college by retiring from Kennesaw State University, where I was employed as a Counselor. The university is one of the thirty-three institutions within the University System of Georgia. As a College Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor, I dabbled in Professional Counseling associations and governmental lobbying. I was on the three-man Counselor team that lobbied for a Professional Counselor law, and ultimately coordinated with the Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists to create and guide the Georgia Composite Licensing Law through the Georgia General Assembly. I was a member of the first and a co-founder of the second Georgia Mental Health Counseling Association, now the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia. I also founded the Georgia College Counseling Association. Between counseling moments, I created and cared for the email discussion lists and web sites of KSU's Counseling Services, the Georgia College Counseling Association, and the Southeastern Conference for College Counseling Personnel.

I have a son Christopher who is also into aviation. He is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Chris holds the FAA Aircraft and Power Plant Certificate with Inspection Authorization. He has soloed the Cessna 150 airplane, Citabra tail dragger, and Robinson-22 helicopter in pursuit of a commercial pilot certificate. In the photo, he poses with the Falcon-10, on which he served as the crew chief while at the DART corporation in Florida. In 2002, Chris relocated to California as the Maintenance Director with Mig Magic, Inc to oversee a Mig 17 jet, Lockheed JetStar, and assorted other aircraft. The Mig 17 performed at airshows across the USA under the banner of the Red Bull Airshows. Chris now owns and operates Sterling Jet Service in Thermal, California. When not repairing someone's jet, he enjoys riding his 2000 Aprilia Mille R motorcycle, flying airplanes, restoring his 1947 Fairchild 24R46A, and refurbishing his 1941 Ryan PT-22/ST3KR. Knowing Chris and witnessing his growth is one of the peaks of my existence. I cherish what I learn from Chris about parenting, friendship, determination, hard work, and the love for living. Love you Chris!

In conclusion - I like flying; teaching people how to fly trikes; being retired; being Chris's father; and living in Georgia as well as dabbling in lot's of stuff, while playing with a variety of friends, to whom I am most grateful for their friendship. It is all great fun! Really, my ego is not as big as it might appear. Just making the most of living and hanging out with people. May you too! Have a great day and a rewarding, happy life. Fly trikes, forever!

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