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These links are organized by topic. Since the advent of the sport pilot rules and as of 31 January 2008, the FAA has ended the recognized pilot organizations' two-seat ultralight trainer exemption program. FAA certified sport pilot instructors (CFI) have replaced ultralight instructors. BFI and AFI no longer exit. Expect some inaccuracies in the instructor listings and website links while the community adjusts.
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-------- Instructor Directories --------
Sport Examiners - FAA
Glider-Trike - JonT

-------- Email Discussion Lists --------
Air Creation Owners
Atlanta Trikers
Experimental Trikes
Nanolight Trikers
New Mexico Trikers
Oregon Trikers
Pegasus Owners
Southeast Trikers
Southern California Adventure Flyers
Ultralight Trikes
Water/Sea Trikes

-------- World Trike Travelers --------
Miles Hilton-Barber and Richard Meredith-Hardy - London to Sydney
Mike Blyth and Olivier Aubert's Millennium Flight
Angelo D’Arrigo and Richard Meredith-Hardy Over Fly Mt Everest
Ricky de Agrela and Alan Honeyborne's dual celebration World Flight
Brian Milton Circled the World, in a Trike!
(site missing) Colin Bodill Circled the World, in a Trike too!
(site missing) Omar Contreras and Yelitza Mendoza's Blue Expedition

-------- Continental Travelers --------
Mike Blyth and Olivier Aubert's Coast to Coast Across South Africa
Flying Scotsman Crosses the USA
Gisela Boellhoff and Wolfgang Lintl Crossed the USA, then Australia
Matt Liknaitzky Crossed the USA
Dave "The Blade" McGauley USA Adventure

-------- Trikers --------
Greg Kirby
DPE Don Wolf at WolfAir
John and Tony's TrikeFlyers
CFI John 'Ole' Olson's Wild Blue Yonder
Dennis McClain
Larry's Trike
Rudi Greyling
Chris Berard
Alex Gore
Dave Rollins
Colin McKinnon in Scotland
Don Elsner in Indy
Gator Blevins
Robert Walden
Wayne Hartley
Donald Lindemann, aka Soup
Jerry Pridemore
Terry Fletcher
Dean Batman
Bernie's Trike
Sabre Trikers
Swedish Fellman Family
South African Trikers
El Salvadore Trikers

-------- Unique --------

Come Fly Belize
Lightfly Light Trike Retract
Three 'N One Trike, PPG, and Kite combo
Vico Gutierrez's Monarch Butterfly Migration
Randy Fishman's Electra Flyer
First Flight of Electric Powered Trike
Wings Over Cambodia
Dutch Microlight Aero Team
Trike Trolley
Double Trouble, A flight in the DT Trike
NASA Paresev Project Must see for history buffs
Oldest, Continueous Trike School and Dealership in the USA
"Father Goose" Trikers plus the Birds
Take-Off by photographer Charlie Porter
Sean Scott - Inspirational
Trike Pilot - A maze of videos and stills, featuring Bill and Wesley Fortney!
Phil Aman's Memorial
Ways to transport your wing
AirTrike's stills and videos - Must! 3-seats, 4-wheels, closed cockpit, spraying, etc!

-------- Media - Publications - Stores -------
Web Link - "Why Fly A Trike" by Michael Hudetz
Game - Trike on MS Flight Simulator
Web Blog - Sport Pilot Training
Web Blog - by Dan Johnson
News - Australian Microlights by Peter Lucas
News - Nick's Micro Pages
News/Store - Mike Sands at Durham Microlights - News from the UK
News - Aerial Adventures Net - England
Book - Tales From The WILD BLUE YONDER - John "ole" Olson
Book - "Weight Shift Control Aviation Handbook" by Eric Johnson . Contact Neil.
Book - "Global Flyer"
Book/Store - "On a Wing and a Prayer" by Colin McKinnon
Book - "Flying Trikes" by Larry Mednick
Book - "Microlight Pilot's Handook" by Brian Cosgrove at
Book - "The Flex-Wing Flyers" by Lucian Bartosik and Hal McSwain
Book - "Flying With Angels" by Kevin Rutland
Book - "Ultralight Aircraft Guide" by Andre Cliche
Magazine - UltraFlight
Magazine - Ultralight Flying
DVD - "Deep inside your Rotax 2 cycle Engine"
DVD - South African microlight pilots Mark Becker and Tjeerd Beens
DVD - South to South" by Mike and Olivier's Millennium Flight
Video - Trike06
Video - AquilAir in action over Florida
Video - Blue Horizon Studios
Video - Claude Gates and Alex Gore's flight to Greystone Airport (Travolta hangars here)
Video - Skydogs
Video - Damien's trike videos
Video/Pics - Trike Pics from
Video/Store - Cloudbase Series
Video/Store - Adventure Productions
Store - Rob Rollison'a Airplane Gear
Trike Shop - AvroPL
Info/Store - Aerial Pursuits
Database - 30,000 Feet
Database - 1000 Links -- Go to "Trike World" at bottom

-------- USA Manufacturers ---------
Delta Jet, Jet-Star, and Moonson at TampaBay Aerosports
Evolution Trikes - Abid Farooqui and Larry Mednick at Aerosports
Raven Soaring Trike - Bob Corbo
Aliseo Fling Boat - Francesco La Lumia
TrikeBuggyDelta - Chad Bastian
North Wing Design - Karmon Blevins
SkyCycle - Mike Theeke
Seagull Aerosports - Michael Riggs (952) 473-1480, Long Lake, MN 55356
Astra - Allistair Wilson
WeTTrike - Ronnie Smith
Concept Aviation - Don Cooney
Manta Aircraft - Mark Gibson

-------- USA Distributors (For Manufacturers Outside the USA) ---------
Scott for Avio Delta
Dan Cooper of Magic Trikes USA for Ace Aviation
Tony Castillo of P&M USA for Pegasus and Mainair Trikes
Terri Sipantzi at Precision Windsports, Inc for Airborne EAST
Scott Johnson at U S Airborne for Airborne WEST
Speedwing for Russian Cruise
Matt Liknaitzky for Delta Trikes Aviation (DTA)-USA
Norman Bjornstad at Apex Aviation
French Aquilair
Casey Cadwell at Volare
Rhampos Amphibious Trike
Doi Malingri at Polaris
Huba Bajusz at BB Trikes
John Reynoldson at Thistledown Nanolight Trike
Matt Liknaitzky for Aerotrike-USA
Rob Stapleton for Antares-USA
Neil Bungard for Air Creation
List of world trike makers

-------- Manufacturers and Distributors Outside the USA) ---------
PipistrelAustralia Distributor
Air Trike
Rob Hibbert and Russell Duncan at AirBorne Australia
Flying Machines, the Carbone
Air Creation
Chris Brandon for Air Creation in Australia
Apollo Ultralight Aircraft
Magic Microlite
Medway Raven
Pegasus and Mainair
BB Trikes
Silent Racer, Flyer, and Glider M.
Solo Wing

-------- Dealers --------
Jack Demsey's New Mexico Triker Jack Dempsy
Cloudbase Ultralights
Light Sport Trikes
Scott's Trike Center
High Adventure Para Gliding for Powerlites Trike
GT Ultralights
John Parker at Sawtooth Ultralights for Aerotrike and DTA
Abid Farooqui at TampaBay Aerosports for Apollo trikes
Northeast SkyCruisers
Vassili Tarakanov at Air Trikes for Russian trikes: KLASS, Frigate and Eagle
Lucian Bartosik at Aerial Adventure
Wayne BK at First Light Aviation for AirBorne
Bradley Waters at Arrowquest Aviation
Keith Connor at TrikeAir Aviation
Art Thompson at FlyDrivers for Apex

-------- Schools ---------
(Dedicated to John Kemmeries)

Golden State Trikes - California
Tampa Bay Aerosport - Florida
XLKites - Florida
Gus' Beach Boats - Florida
Flying Boats Adventures for Polaris FIB-USA - Florida
A and M Airsports - Illinois
NCSportPilot - North Carolina
Sport Aviation Unlimited - Wisconsin
Sportflight International - Illinois
Davis Aviation - Indiana
New Jersey Ultralights - New Jersey
Southwest Aerotrekking Academy - Nevada
Sport Aviation Center - Nevada
Fly Hard Trikes - Tennessee
Incredible Journey - Texas
Canyonland Flyers - Utah
US Airborne Sport Aviation Center - Washington

-------- Schools (Outside the USA) ---------
First-Light Aviation - Ontario, Canada Open-Skies Aviation - British Columbia
Skyraiders - South Africa

-------- Pilot Study Guides, Courses, and Resources ---------

Adventure Productions

-------- Annual Trike Gatherings ---------
Don Wolf's SnF Trike Party

-------- Find a Trike ---------
Dave Hyland

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