Jandemar Lady Schnee ("Schnee")
Born on 10-14-01
McDyomo Ozark White Lightning (sire--copper eye white)
Jandemar Miss Ruthie (dam--red and white Bi-color).



Schnee turned 6 last week, and I managed to get some good pictures of her. She's still a funny girl and is one of my favorite cats. She follows me around the house and keeps the other cats in line. We had a birthday party for her and she got some new toys and a Drinkwell watering station.


This is Schnee at 4 years of age.  Of course she loves to pose for the camera, but she always has a dirty face when she gets her picture taken. 


Here is a picture of Schnee taken two days before her first birthday.  

Schnee is 8 months old now and is probably almost finished growing. She weighs close to 8 pounds and is beginning to get her adult fur. She is still funny and sweet, but she looks more like a cat than a kitten with her wonderful Persian body structure.


Schnee is now almost 7 months old and is growing up to be a stunning cat.  She weighs almost 7 pounds and will probably not get too much larger than she is now.  That's ok, because she is perfect the way she is!


Schnee is 5 months old in this picture.

These pictures were taken when Schnee was 10-12 weeks old.

Last updated 7/10/02