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The pictures below are from October & November 2002 - Nick'll be five on the 21st..


Nick (Above) striking a pose, and picking a pumpkin. Beautiful fall day; we went to Caigle Dairy for "Nick Day."












 (Top) Nick & I try to find our way through the maize, er, maze. Two men trying to get somewhere without asking for directions. What's a"maze"ing is that we still aren't in there....

 (Left) Nick defending the maze. Tough, isn't he?


(below) Dad & Nicholas pooped after the adventure in the corn. Good thing we weren't 'stalked.' Aw, 'shucks' - have you had an 'earful' of bad puns yet?'!

(Top Right) You GOT to be kiddin' me!?

(Lower Right) Is Nick a happy guy or what? And, no, that's not me in the straw hat...!




 (Below) Nick wary of thorns or a bug. I like this pic.




  (Below) What's his favorite thing to do at Caigle Dairy? Why, run up & down a wall, of course. Below that is two pics of Nick with his tongue out - he does that when he's concentrating. So do I - frightening.


 Dad finally get's to meet Harry Potter on Halloween evening. Glad he didn't turn me into a ferret.

  (Below) The Masked Bowler strikes one for justice! Nick got invited to his school mates's Birthday party at the local bowling alley, and Nick wanted to wear his Spiderman costum. Well, actually I did, but it didn't fit. Also below is pics of Nick's friends.

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