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The pictures below are from November & December 1999. Nick just turned two..Merry Christmas to you & your's and a very blessed holiday. God bless us, everyone! here!

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 Nick & Santa

 Nick smiling Nick (Left) letting Santa know that THIS year, he means business. Showing off ALL his teeth (above). No longer a baby - he's a little man!

 Fireman Nick

 Mashed potatoes as hair gel!

Nick's Fireman's hat. Now the trick is to get him to take it off! At Thanksgiving (above) Nicholas demonstrates how a facial comprised of mashed potatoes does wonders for ones complexion!

decorated house 

   Nick & Stumpy After all Mom's hard work, (left) Dad thought he better decorate the outside. It looks better with all the lights on. Above, Nick gives a very tolerant Stumpy a pat.

Stumpy Up Close About two months ago, Stumpy has taken to spending more time with us than the neighbors - she's fickle that way. Last week I had to replace her collar because she is getting a little plump. This collar has a bell, to warn off her prospective presents she likes to leave at the door!



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