COM 3330/01 Journalism 1/Reporting & Writing

MW 5 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. WB225


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 Ed Bonza
Office: Student Center 233
Work 770-423-6280

Required texts:

Christopher Harper & The Indiana Group, Journalism 2001, (CourseWise Publishing)

Norm Goldstein, ed., The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual, (New York: The Associated Press)

Recommended but not required text:

Strunk, William Jr. and E.B. White, The Elements of Style, Third Edition, (New York: McMillan Publishing Co. Inc., 1979)

Course Elements:

About this Course:

You will be writing news stories for a specific audience (the KSU community). Two (2) copies of all stories will be turned in; one for grading by the instructor, one for possible publication by the campus newspaper. The aim of the course is to develop your skills as you:

News Beats:

To be determined by instructor.


Your grade for the case will be based on your overall performance on:

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Base the grading of articles on the following elements:

Stories containing all of these components will receive superior grades (A's) and are considered suitable for publication by a professional newspaper. Stories lacking in all or most of these elements will receive inferior grades (D's) and are considered unsuitable for publication. Errors of fact and ethical violations - plagiarism, fabrication, etc.,. will result in failing grades (F's).

I recommend you create a checklist for each of the stories you submit to ensure that these elements are present. If more than two are under-represented or missing, you have reason for concern.

The instructor will not delete opportunities to earn points toward your final grade. Should unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances deem it necessary to do so, the instructor will consider your possible dilemma when determining your grade for the course.

The penalty for missing deadline is the loss of a full letter grade with the penalty continuing to add up each day the story is late. In addition, repeated difficulty with deadlines will affect your final grade for the entire course.

No curve. No weighted projects. No late tests. No missed deadlines. No kidding.

The instructor reserves the right to assign the course grade according to the student's overall performance.

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The instructor reserves the right to add, delete, or adjust assignments at any time We will discuss optional assignments in class (CAR Project, etc.).



This syllabus is subject to change.

Schedule and Topics:

Note: Open slots TBA. Topics and assignments are subject to change (additions and adjustments are likely). Updated 4.9.99

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II. Academic Honesty

The high quality of education at Kennesaw State University is reflected in the credits and degrees its students earn. The protection of these high standards is crucial since the validity and equity of the University's grades and degrees depend upon it. Any student found guilty of an infraction of a regulation for academic honesty shall be suspended for at least one quarter unless evidence is provided to convince the court that substantial mitigating circumstances existed in that student's offense.

The following regulations are designed to assist students in developing appropriate standards and attitudes with respect to academic honesty. To this end, the regulations protect students against infractions that may compromise the validity of their degree or place them at an undue disadvantage with respect to the equity of their grades.

A. Plagiarism and Cheating

No student shall receive, attempt to receive, knowingly give or attempt to give unauthorized assistance in the preparation of any work required to be submitted for credit as part of a course (including examinations, laboratory reports, essays, themes, term papers, etc.) When direct quotations are used, they should be indicated; when the language, ideas, theories, data, figures, graphs, programs, electronic based information or illustrations of someone other than the student are incorporated into a paper or used in a project, they should be duly acknowledged.

KSU Student Conduct Regulations. For complete policies, please review your current catalog or Student Handbook.

I have read and understand the above policies and the syllabus for this course.

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