You've got a big campus and a plethora of story ideas, but few writers and little time. How do you get the job done? Here are some tips:

1. Assessment.

a.) Try one-page questionnaires at info desks in your union or dorms, or drop them in student group mailboxes.

b.) Short, simple surveys can be published in your paper as cut-and-return advertisements.

c.) Listen. What are your fellow students talking about at the lunch table? What are the hot button topics on your opinion pages?

2. Prioritize.

3. Be Creative.

4. Vanishing resources? Use your resources (staffers) efficiently.

4. Turn writers into reporters.

5. Make routine tasks easy. And the easy things easier.

6. Make the information come to you.

7. Plan ahead. And then plan ahead.

8. Things we didn't mention.


Ed Bonza

College Media Advisers, Inc.

CMA Presentation, November 2000

Updated 11-3-00

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