For those of you who have been following the Stumpy Saga for awhile, click here to hear the latest since her operation and see the most recent photos. Newcomers, catch up by reading the history of Stumpy below...

It's like this, cat.

Back in January a long time ago it got REAL cold here (Yes, it gets cold in Georgia). And this stray cat shows up on my front porch, minus most of the tail. We figure it was trying to stay warm in someone's car engine and it got the tail caught in a fan belt. Either that or some kids were being cruel. Either way, I got 98% of a cat on my front porch and I, like an idiot, feed it.

Over the past five months, the cat has been spending more & more time on the porch. I've broken down and got it a cat bed and have actually - much to my friend's amusement - given it warm milk and warmed up a towel in the dryer for it on cold nights. Sheesh.

Don't get me wrong. It's a sweet cat. Very hip and affectionate and he/she likes to bump its head against you. But that's no life for a cat - no friends, just living on a front porch. And I already have a brand new son, four dogs and two ferrets (didn't you see my family pages?). So a cat would be right smack dab in the middle of the food chain.



So, why not be a hero? Why not feel good about yourself today. Canton Georgia is not that far. If you think you could give Stumpy a good home, click on the button. You'll make most of a cat happy. You'll make me happy. You'll make 4 dogs and 2 nervous ferrets very happy. And we won't have to look at this silly web page anymore. Write me and let me know where you are and why you should have good 'ol Stumps, and I'll write back. I promise. C'mon, go ahead - save Stumpy and click the button!



While no one has offered a home as of the date below, a few kind souls have donated money to the "Get Stumpy's Tail Fixed Fund." To those people (a blessing on your heads!), our sincerest thanks.

For the next chapter in our tale (pun intended) and the new STUMPY-CAM, click on the 'next' button below...


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