Elizabeth M. Johnson, Ph.D.

Temporary Assistant Professor--Secondary and Middle Grades Education Department


"Je pense; donc, je suis."
René Descartes, philosophe et auteur

"I think; therefore, I am."  This brilliant statement was made by the French author and philosopher, René Descartes.  Based on my selection of this quote as an introduction, you may think that I am an existentialist; however, that is very far from the truth.  I consider myself to be a progressivist.  I want my students to gain knowledge from their interactions with their peers, the world around them, and from the experiences that constantly alter their outlooks on life. I want my students to thirst for knowledge. During their quests for answers, they will meet new challenges and reap great rewards.


The value of an education can be measured easily by one's attainment of degrees, positions, recognition, contributions to others, and so much more. Through one's development of knowledge and skills, one can soar beyond "mediocrity."




The Essence of Education is Knowledge.





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