CSE3801 - Syllabus - Spring 2017


NameEnda Sullivan
Office hoursEmail anytime, in person as necessary
Class Time/LocationTR 18:30-19:20 (Academic Bldg 200)
BookA Gift of Fire (4th edition). Pearson

Course Description

Professional Practices and Ethics:This course covers the historical, social and economic consideration of the discipline. It includes studies of professional conduct, risks, and liabilities, and intellectual property relative to the software engineering and computing professions. Software engineering/computing case studies will be used. (2 Credit Hours)

Course Objective

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify ethical responsibilities and considerations and apply ethics, including professional codes of ethics, in scenarios and case studies.
  2. Identify and use resources for keeping up with the profession.
  3. Discuss legal and ethical issues relevant to freedom of speech, intellectual property, privacy, and security.


CSE 1301C, CSE 1301J, CSE 1302C, CSE 1302J, or IT 1324

Disability Statements

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2 Papers (@ 15% each)30%