Frank Tsui - a member of College of Computing and Software Engineering (Kennesaw State Univ.)

(1) Background Information:

- Frank has more than 30 years of experience in the Software and IT industry. His experience includes:

(2) Frank's Formal Education Includes:

- 1) Several well known industry software products were developed under Frank's guidance: IBM's CMAS construction package, IBM's MVS/JES3 Operating System Component, IBM's MAPICS ERP(Second Release) package, and IBM's EDI package.
- 2) Frank has been an adjunct faculty at both Georgia Tech and Southern Polytechnic State University(SPSU). He is currently a full time faculty member in the Software Engineering Program within the School of Computing and Software Engineering at SPSU, which is now  (as of January, 2015) College of Computing and Software Engineering of Kennesaw State University.

- Frank's book (with O. Karam and B. Bernal) titled - Essentials of Software Enginering - 3rd Edition is available from Jones and Bartlett (2013)

- Frank's book titled - Managing Systems and IT Projects - is available from Jones & Bartlett (2011)

- Frank's book titled - Managing Software Projects - is also available from Jones and Bartlett (2004)

Frank's Contact Information : office phone: 678-915-5567; e-mail : ; office : Room J369 at SPSU

(3) Class Notes - for Spring Semester 2015 : Note that - (class notes are modified from time to time)

SWE3633 Undergraduate Course: Software Design

SWE3643 Undergraduate Course: Software Testing and Quality Assurance

SWE6653 Graduate Course: Software Architecture


SWE2313 Undergraduate Course: Intro to Software Engr.

SWE6623 Graduate Course: Software Engineering


(4) Some Recent Presentations & Papers :

(5) Areas of Research and Interest :

(i)- Software Engineering and Processes; (ii)- Software Project Management; (iii)- Software Measurements

Branch to (Colloquium - My "Relatively Recent" Research Interests)

Branch to Jan. 18 2012 WAR Presentation on EVM

(6a) Personal Comments on Requirements Gathering:

"Requirements gathering and analysis needs multiple talent to be successful, including at least industry knowlwdge and IT knowledge. Please see Lecture Notes on Requirements Engineering (when I teach this course)."

(6b)Personal Comments on Design and Programming:

"This is the bread and butter of our field. While better development environments and programming languages are being created, this area still lacks discipline and good guideline. Much of the programming effort is still vey much dependent on 'raw' talent."