Josip Derado

Southeast Applied Analysis Center
School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0160
Home phone: (404) 874 9260
Office Phone: (404) 894 2712
fax: (404) 894 4409


Postdoctoral Fellow at SAAC, School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Connecticut, June, 1999
M.S. in Mathematics, University of Connecticut, May, 1995
B.S. in Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia, May, 1990


Analysis, in particular Wavelets and Harmonic Analysis
Investigation of multivariate nonseparable wavelets and their applications in wavelet theory , signal analysis and
data processing, image processing, PDE theory, subdivision schemes, computer aided geometric design and coding theory.

Doctoral Dissertation: "Multivariate Refinable Interpolating Functions"
Developed an algorithm for the construction of arbitrarily smooth multivariate refinable interpolating functions for general dilation matrices.

Multivariate Refinable Interpolating Functions - Appl. Comp. Harm. Anal.,Vol 7., pp. 165 - 183 (1999).
Nonseparable compactly supported refinable interpolating functions with arbitrarily smoothness (to appear in ACHA)
Bernstein polynomials and Wavelets (preprint)

Conferences and presentations:
Funded participant at SIAM annual meeting in Atlanta, 1999.
"Multivariate nonseparable wavelets",( poster presentation), at "Image Processing, Multiresolution Analysis and Statistics Conference", Atlanta 1999.
Funded participant at "Harmonic Analysis and Apllications, Conference in honor of John Benedetto", Washington 1999.
"A Construction of multivariate nonseparable refinable interpolating functions with arbitrary smoothness" at AMS annual meeting, Washington 2000.
"Regularity of multivariate scaling functions ", at Wavelets Workshop 2000", Atlanta 2000.
"Excerpts from Wavelets theory", Colloquium at Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000.

Referee for Applied Computational Harmonic Analysis and Journal of Fourier Analysis.


School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral Fellow ( Fall 1999 - present )
Taught Calculus, Multivariate Calculus and Introduction to Linear Algebra course with full autonomy in organizing lectures,
recitation sessions  (with help of teaching assistants), creating exams, grading.
Served as a teaching mentor for teaching assistants.
Served as member of  Ph. D. Oral Examination committee.

University of Connecticut (1993-1999)
Teaching Assistant (Fall 1993 - 1999)
Instructor for the undergraduate courses ranging from Intermediate Algebra to Calculus. Responsible for lecturing, creating
and grading exams,  quizzes and projects.  Teaching evaluations well above university and department averages.
TRIO Program Math Coordinator (Summer 1999) and Instructor (Summers 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998)
TRIO is federally and state funded initiative which requires a strong commitment from the instructor to help students
overcome class, social, and cultural barriers.
Organized and coordinated mathematical part of TRIO program.
Includes coordinating work of six teachers and four tutors and monitored performance and progress over 90 students in the program.
As instructor I taught Intermediate algebra as a part of TRIO program.
Instructor for the Winter Intersessions at UCONN (1997, 1999))
Full autonomy to create a two-week (5 hours a day) Pre-Calculus course (1997) and Applied Mathematics for Business course in (1999).

Technology in teaching
Taught several technology Enhanced Courses. Use of a graphic calculator TI-8x required. Software packages (Mathematica ,Matlab, Maple)
and Internet (e-mail , WWW pages) strongly recommended.

University Computer Center, Zagreb, Croatia
Software trainer and Consultant, (1990-1993)
Developed a curriculum and organized courses (one week or two week) to train students and department system administrators.
Led training seminars in the use of various software packages and network applications, including UNIX, Internet, Mathematica, etc.


Internship at Max-Planck Institute for Physics in Mü nchen (Summer 1987)
Developed software for a control of hardware for HERA experiments at DESY Hamburg.
System and Network Administrator at the University Computer Center, Zagreb, Croatia (1990 -1993)
Participated in establishment and development of CARNet (Croatian Academic and Research Network).
Participated in IBM Academic Initiative for Eastern Europe
- participant in seminars for system administrators for VM/ESA1.1
- established first Croatian BITNET node
- presented Initiative at the University Colloquium (1993)
- published articles about the Initiative
- funded participant at IBM Research Workshop at Nice, France (1993).
System Administrator for MicroVAX3100 (VAX/VMS operating system) and Digital DEC2500 stations (Ultrix operating system).
Technical consultant for several scientific projects at University of Zagreb.
Funded participant at the EARN (European Academic and Research Network ) Conference in Pisa, Italy, 1993.


Richard Duke, Interim Chair of School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, ph. (404) 894-9202
Jeff Geronimo, Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, ph. (404) 894-9231
Christopher Heil, Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, ph. (404)894-4747
Karlheinz Groechenig, Professor at University of Connecticut, (presently on sabbatical at Univ. of Vienna), ph. 43-1-4277-50694