MAA research Presentation





  lots of fun

  builds your resume for graduate school or industry position

  personal exposure to the world of mathematics and science

  trains you how to do research, to write reports/papers, to present your work

  builds your confidence

  grant money


What do you need?



  time commitment (at least 2 semester commitment)




How to start? Where to begin?


  Ideally, start with the capstone course in your junior year

  ask a faculty to work with him

  attend MAA chapter meeting to get info and then ask a faculty





  a published article

  a poster presentation

  a talk (KSU and/or conferences)



My Research Area?


  Mathematics => Analysis => Harmonic Analysis => Wavelets (includes Image Processing and Analysis)

  Problems vary from purely theoretical to computational

  Specific results: A construction of Non-separable biorthogonal wavelets in any dimension with arbitrary regularity


A few words on wavelets(use white board)




  Fejer-Riesz Lemma (show them on the board)

  Applications of the monsters mentioned above


  Several problems in Image Processing and Analysis