Student Projects:


Capstone Projects Fall 2008

Bean Counting Project

Authors: Sai-Ming Law, Hemina Patel, Themis Toache,Tony Girardi

Bean Counting PPT Presentation

Bean Counting Paper - Part 1 in doc format

Bean Counting Paper - Part 2 in doc format

Truels and Nuels

Authors: Ariadna Alpizar, Cameron McKenzie, Justin Schuetz

Truels and Nuels PPT Presentation

Truels and Nuels Paper in doc format

Weather Forecasting Project

Authors: Paul Kabaku, Jim Penington,Amber Smith

Weather Forecasting Presentation in MOV format

Weather Forecasting Paper


MATH4495 Projects

Inequalities by Amanda Wicks

Harmonic Analysis on Z_p by Tomomi Haynes

The Funadamental Theorem of Algebra by Adrian Throop