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Joseph M.Dirnberger, PhD
Professor of Biology

Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Kennesaw State University

Professor of Biology, and Interim Academic Director for the Montepulciano Italy Summer Program

Academic Interests: aquatic ecology, invertebrate zoology, marine science



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Much of my research has focused on the importance of dispersal on population dynamics and community composition in aquatic systems.   Movements of water and air, such as currents and wind, mediate dispersal of aquatic organisms, but are often unpredictable.  I have been interested in how these stochastic factors affecting dispersal influence ecological processes within aquatic systems.  My work has included studies of the impact of wind and floods on freshwater zooplankton populations, the importance of current-related variation in recruitment of sessile marine benthos from planktonic larvae in seagrass beds, the influence of landscape on the distribution of stream macroinvertebrates, and the effects of meteorological events on water quality and phytoplankton populations in a freshwater reservoir.  Present research focuses on how zooplankton are moved within systems dominated by aquatic macrophytes and this influences  predation on zooplankton.

Recent Publication:
Dirnberger J.M. and Love J.  2016. Seasonal Specialization and Selectivity of the Eastern Mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki, Toward Planktonic Prey.  Southeastern Naturalist 15: 1389-152.

For a list of my other scientific publications and presentations, and of projects completed by my students, click here.

Most of my professional service outside the university involves professional work associated with lakes and water quality for the Georgia Lakes Society.

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Phone: (470) 578-6546

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