Dr. Jose M. Garrido


Department of Computer Science

College of Computing and Software Engineering

Kennesaw State University


Short vita


       Improving Abstraction in Specifying Timed Concurrency

       Computational Modeling and Inter-disciplinary Computing. Link to page with concepts, papers, examples of computational models implemented with C, Matlab, and SCL

       OOPsim Project: Investigates better techniques and tools for object-oriented modeling and process approach to discrete-event simulation

       OOSimL, an educational and experimental research object-oriented discrete-event simulation language

       PsimJ2, OO simulation package for Java

       Psim3, OO simulation package for C++

       NSF CPATH Revitalizing Education in Computing

       Modeling aspects of Information Security

       Reusability of computational Models

       A Java Modeling Framework for OS and Graphical Animation  (with Prof. Richard Schlesinger)

       A Repository and Method for Developing and Applying Computational Models

       OOSimL: A language for learning OO Principles and Abstraction

       MODSIM III and PsimJ: A Comparison

       Extensions to OCL with Temporal Logic Formal Specification of Real-Time Systems

       A Language for Simulation of Real-Time Systems

       Applying PSP/TSP in Early Stages of Programming Principles

       Yamacraw funded project: Improving Software Correctness



       Computational modeling

       Object-oriented simulation: objects modeling and simulation methods, graphics software

       Specification of Security Issues

       Approaches to Simulation for Security

       Software correctness for security

       Language processors: object-orientation and abstraction

       Modeling and simulation of real-time systems

       Formal specification of software systems: OCL and temporal logic

       Computing education innovation approaches

       Experimental techniques for teaching OO programming principles and implementation of simulation models