Fall 2008, Section 01

Homework 3

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The purpose of this homework is to give you an opportunity to explore various aspects of rendering a graphics scene.  These include:

Prerequisite Knowledge

You should know how to work with the OpenGL libraries, how to invoke functions within the OpenGL API, how to respond to event callbacks, and how to specify materials, textures, and light sources.


The goal of this program is to allow the user to interact and move within a scene via keyboard/mouse input.

Your program must:

For extra credit, you may:


You must submit the entire solution for your program.  All supporting files and source files must be submitted.

It is recommended that you complete (thought you do not need to submit) part 1 of this assignment earlier so that you make progress on this project.  I recommend part 1 to consist of all but the animation (so establish camera control, lighting, and materials/textures).


This assignment will be graded according to this rubric.

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