CS 8678
AI & Robotics


CS 8678 Syllabus
Student PPT Template
Grades Last-4 of Stu-ID

Java Thread Examples

 A single thread Ttest1.java
 Param passing two threads
 Two threads iterating/sleep
 Commo: shared memory
 race conditions
 Main & thread Shared Mem
 Arrays of threads
 Simple message passing
 Simple expl. of parallel work
 JAVA Thread Tester

CLIPS Examples



HPPAS Parallel Sim


NASA Robotics Alliance
Hoganson Home
KSU Home

Fall 2010, Dr. Ken Hoganson

Lecture time 6:30 PM, T/R, Clendenning CS Building, Room 3028
All lectures are live online, and recorded at: Lectures

We will be using GeorgiaView/ Vista
Web site under construction!! Being revised from previous semester.

This is a survey course covering topics Robotics with some needed Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Each student will receive a robotics kit to allow students to analyze, design, build, and test simple robotic systems from home.
This course will be taught as a hybrid-course - where some class meeting times will be used for project work.

Textbooks: The Robotics Primer, Mataric, MIT press. This is an excellent introduction and a very good read.

Equipment: Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0, each student receives a kit. We have used the original Mindstorms kit, and recently the VEX Labs robot kit, and are now trying the Mindstorm NXT 2.0.
Mindstorm NXT site
Vex Labs Web Site

The following course layout will be revised:
   1st Lecture    2nd Lecture
Lecture 1
   Course Intro, definition of robot
Hand out Robot Kits
   Begin familiarization project
Lecture 2
   Overview of AI
Lecture 3
   Robot Control: read Ch3&4 in Mataric text
Hand out kits
Lecture 4
Robnot effectors and actuators
Feb 3, Lecture 5
  Game playing and Genetic Algorithm Assignment
Robot design specs
, Various Online Articles

Robot Controlled by Slime Mold article from New Scientist

AJC article on defense robot AJC
2nd AJC article

Short article on PhoBot (phobia robot) from competition in the Netherlands :Robot with Phobia Robot with phobia

Lecture 6 Perception
Lecture 7 Robot motor control
Feb 3, Lecture 8
 Clips expert system
CLips zip file
Exam will be posted on Feb 23, open books, open notes, open lectures, closed neighbor. Exam 1 no Class on Feb 24, work the exam. Exam is due on March 2 midnight. Anything from lectures, assigned online articles, and genetic algorithm project through today.

No lecture today: Exam Due

Work on genetic algorithm and robot project, make sure you have working CLIPs engine


March 10 Spring 10
Lecture 9
   More on Clips, grad check expert

Expert system project assignment

Expert system lab work

Extra Credit Opportunities. To get the most from this course, you can attempt all three optional homework exercises: Wumpus game, Genetic Algorithm, Expert System.

Each of these optional AI labs is worth up to 6 extra credit points (%) toward your final grade for the class.

You may choose to do none of these projects (without penalty), or you may do all three of these projects.

Expert System and robot lab day, no lecture.

Read this article on Fox News on an automated robot dog Robot Dog for military use.
Check out Boston Dynamics web site.

Expert system and robot lab work
Expert System project due.
Project work day: Teams may meet in CL 3033. I will be available for help and consultation on any of the projects and the robot project.
: Expert system project due
Clarifications and Additional Robot Specs

Robot Project Grading

Partial Credit will be allowed.

As per the syllabus, you need to turn in:

Robot Design Document: Explains your plan, design, how your machine will hand each subtask. 10% of grade for the course. Turn in whenever you have this ready.

Robot course navigation demo. 10% of grade for the course. Whenever you are ready for this demo, contact me - but no later than April 28.

Final Robot demonstration. 30% of grade for the course.

: Lecture 10
  Sensors; Ch8 & Ch9
Lab Work Time, questions, help

Robot Project Lab Time
Robot "dog" for military video - very cool
Robot Scientist National Geographic

, Read and Research
  Robots for security and military applications. Research on web, prepare to discuss. Also read this: AJC article

Read these articles on: Dextre(CNET) AJC

April 14- robot lab time, experiments, testing and demos. Feel free to come by the office for testing and discussion, I have a sheet-with-line for demo and testing.

.As explained in class you can make your own test-track according to the specs that we covered in the lectures.

Alternate course option! Easier in a number of ways, most important is the center path to follow constructed from two strips of black. Build your own course.

Alternative Course

IBM Supercomputer to compete on Jeopardy game show.
New York Times 4/26/09 News Story


Robot testing and grading. I have a sheet-with-line for demo and testing, or make your own according to specs.

- Last day to demo the robot is the last day of class.