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I grew up in Fargo, North Dakota where summer is three months long and winter is five months. Yes, the weather is much nicer here in Georgia. But if one is acclimated to the cold (20 below), there is a certain kind of beauty: Cold winter nights gliding on skis across the snow on the frozen river with stars shining bright through the cold still air, and the snow muffling all sounds. When you are "in the zone" it feels like flying. Well, perhaps you have to experience it to understand the feeling.

I put my self through college working on the assembly line, as a security guard, pool lifeguard, blackjack dealer - anything to pay the bills. I joined Army ROTC both for the money and because I was fascinated with military history. I was a certified scuba diver and with a group of army buddies, climbed Mount Rainer in Washington State, overnighting on the mountain in tents at Camp Muir.

After I graduated with my first B.S. I went on active duty, and was assigned to Fort Gordon (Augusta Georgia), where I met my wife, who is an environmental scientist (we now have three kids, two girls and a boy). As a captain in the Signal Corp I ran computers for for the base, where I installed an early ethernet (thick wire) to connect clustered UNIX boxes together with client PCs to support database applications.

After my time in the service, I alternately worked teaching computing and for industry. My last industry job was as Information Systems Manager, where I installed and managed a clustered mainframe-type system supporting Oracle databases. The cluster had two systems, one was a single processor and the other had four processors (symmetric multiprocessing) and a large disk farm. I also managed a separate server farm with 30 database servers. I supervised two programmers and three technicians. I was extremely competent at this job, and was always looking for more challenges. I added the database administration role for three large Oracle database systems running on my cluster, each serving a couple-hundred users. I also devised a customized menu-based user interface for the systems, and developed an integrated email into the system. At some point I realized that I was running out of challenges, and decided to go for a Ph.D.

My Ph.D. is from Auburn University, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Information Systems. I did research for two dissertations, one on a novel shared-memory multiprocessor, and the other on new developments in theoretical parallel processing mechanims. Both research streams lead to publications in the top journals in those fields. I now hold degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration, and have a graduate minor in Information Systems (18 graduate hours).

I joined Kennesaw State in 1999 where I am a tenured Full-Professor, and its been a good ride so far. I have been afforded many opportunities for leadership and innovation, including the creation of our Master of Science in Applied Computer Science (MSACS). Directing this premium degree program slowed-down my research, but I continued to publish papers in computer architecture, embedded architectures, and computing curriculum.

I lead the development of our new BA Applied Computer Science, and am serving as coordinator for this program.

We are current working a project with LexisNexis, with Ying Xie. There is a research component, and a certification component.

Currently, I am researching in a variety of areas, including Game Design and Operating Systems time management..