I. Biographical Information

a. Name:                                       Kai Qian
b. Department:                             Computer Science
                                                     Kennesaw (Formerly Southern Polytechnic) State University
c: Title:                                          Full Professor
d: Date joined KSU:                      08/97
e. Tenure status:                            Tenured
f. Citizenship:                                 U.S. citizen
g. Academic degrees:                    Ph.D in Computer Science & Engineering
                                                      University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 05/90
i.  Prior employment:                      Chair, Dept. of Software Engineering (03-05)

                                                     Acting chair, Dept. of IT(04-05)

                                                     Southern Polytechnic State University

                                                     Associate Professor of Computer Science (tenured)
                                                     Georgia Southwestern State University
j. Contact :                                   470-578-3717(o)

II. Contributions as an Educator

a. Courses taught

Big data analysis, Mobile App Development, .NET, Embedded System, Java Code Security, Adv. Java, Java, Component-Based Software Development, Oracle OCP DBA, Developer, Database,  Advanced Database, Software Engineering, Advanced Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, Data Structure, Compiler, OOP, OOD, C++, AI, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks,  Assembly Language, Operating System, Unix Admin.

b. Research Grants

1. NSF        1723578

PI: Collaborative Research: Broadening Secure Mobile Software Development (SMSD)     Awarded  08/2017-08.2018

2. NSF TUES #1244697
Co-PI: Collaborative Research: Real World Relevant Security Labware for Mobile Threat Analysis and Protection Experience (09/2013 - 08/2017)

3. NSF SFS #1438858
Co-PI: Collaborative Research: Enhancing Curriculum and Faculty development on Information Assurance and Security through Real World Relevant Portable Laboratory, (09/01/2014 - 08/31/2017)

4. NSF #1523041, senior personnel,

EDU: Deploying and Evaluating Secure Programming Education in the IDE,(10/2015-10/2017)


1. NSF SFS grant award #1241651 (11/2012-10/2016)

Co-PI: Collaborative Project: Capacity Building in Mobile Security Through Curriculum and Faculty Development

2. NSF CCLI grant award 0837235(03/2009-03/2011):

Collaborative Research Principle Investigator: APOGEE system (Automatic PrOject Grading and instant fEEdback system for Web programming)

3 NSF CCLI grant award #0942097(03/2010-02/2012, extended to 02/2013)
Principal Investigator: Collaborative Research: Portable, Modular, Modern Technology Infused Courseware for Broader Embedded Systems Education

Other  grants:

1. Co-investigator, state grant from University System of Georgia, 07/99- 06/2000.
2. Co-investigator, Enhancement of Teaching Methods Course in P-5 Math Classrooms, working on CGI Internet programming, USG, 07/98-06/99
3. Co-investigator, Packaging and Deployment of Interactive and Wireless WWW Course for Physical Science,  working on JAVA applets, USG, 07/97-06/98
4. Co-investigator, Interactive and Wireless WWW Course for Physical Science, working on JAVA applets, USG, 07/96-06/97
5. Co-researcher, AFOSR grant AFOSR-90-0046, working on pattern recognition, 08/89-07/90

III. Professional Growth and Development

Certificate awards:
    1. SUN Java Certified Programmer(05/99)
    2. Oracle Master on Application Developer(04/99)
    3. Oracle certificate on SQL and PL/SQL (12/98)
    4. Microsoft Certified Professional on NT server(06/98)
    5. Certified Solaris (Unix) Administrator(06/96)
    6. Certified Novell Netware Administrator(06/94)

IV. Publications and Research

Books authored:

Component-Oriented Programming, ISBN:  0471644463, Wiley, 2005

Java Web Development, Johns & Bartlett, ISBN: 0763734233, 2007

 AJAX & JavaScript Web Development Illuminated, Johns & Bartlett,  0763754897, 12/2008

Software Architecture and Design Illuminated, 9780763754204,  Johns & Bartlett,  02/2009

Embedded Software Development with C, Springer, 9781441906052, 08/2009

Java Web Development with NetBeans, Linus Publishing, 1-60797-188-7, 06/2011

Fundamentals of Computer Systems,  Linus Publishing, 1-60797-254-9, 08/2012

Java Web Development with Eclipse, Linus Publishing, ISBN 10: 1-60797-662-5 ,, 2017

Conference and Journal Publications:

01/2015 -

Kai Qian, Dan Lo, Hossain Shahriar, Lei Li, Fan Wu, Prabir Bhattacharya,  Learning Database Security with Hands-on Mobile Labs, IEEE FIE 2017, 10/2017

Kai Qian, Yong Shi,  Lixin Tao, Ying Qian,  Hands-on Learning for Computer Network Security with Mobile Devices, Network Security Analytics and Automation  Workshop, IEEE ICCCN 2017, 08/017

Kai Qian, Fan Wu, Prabir Bhattacharya, Labware for Secure Mobile Software Development (SMSD) Education, ACM ITiCSE 2017, 07/2017

Priyanga Chandrasekar, Kai Qian, Hossain Shahriar, Prabir Bhattacharya,  Improving the Prediction Accuracy of Decision Tree Mining with Data Preprocessing , BIOT: The 4th IEEE International COMPSAC Workshop on Big Data Management for the Internet of Things, 07/2017

Boyu Hou, Yong Shi, Kai Qian, Lixin Tao, Towards Analyzing MongoDB NoSQL Security and Designing Injection Defense Solution, IEEE BigDataSecurity/HPSC/IDS 2017, 05/2017

Kai Qian, Wanqing You, Ying Qian, FlowVisor Vulnerability Analysis, IEEE IM 2017, 05/2017

Kai Qian, Hossain Shahriar,  Fan Wu,  Cassandra Thomas, Broadening Secure Mobile Software Development (SMSD) Through Curriculum Development, ACM SIGCSE 2017, 03/2017

Yong Shi, Dan Lo, Kai Qian, Teaching Secure Cloud Computing Concepts with Open Source CloudSim Environment, 40th IEEE COMPSAC 2016, 06/2016

Dan Chia-Tien Lo, Kai Qian, Wei Chen, Hardware Attacks and Security Education, 40th IEEE COMPSAC 2016, 06/2016

Minzhe Guo, Kai Qian, Li Yang, Hands-on Labs for Learing Mobile and NoSQL Database Security, 40th IEEE COMPSAC 2016, 06/2016

Lei Li, Kai Qian, Using Real-time Fear Appeals to Improve Social Media Security, 40th IEEE COMPSAC 2016, 06/2016

Priyanga Chandrasekar, Kai Qian, The Impact of Data Preprocessing on the Performance of Na´ve Bayes Classifier, 40th IEEE COMPSAC 2016, 06/2016

Ying Qian, Wanqing You, Kai Qian, OpenFlow Flow Table  Overflow Attacks and Countermeasures, 25th IEEE EUCNC 2016, 06/2016

Boyu Hou, Kai Qian, Lei Li, Yong Shi, Lixin Tao, and Jigang Liu, MongoDB NoSQL Injection Security Threat Analysis and Detection, IEEE CSCLOUD 2016, 06/2016

Tianda Yang, Yu Yang; Kai Qian; Dan Chia-Tien Lo; Ying Qian; Lixin Tao, Automated Detection and Analysis for Android Ransomware, 2015 IEEE 7th International Symposium on Cyberspace Safety and Security (CSS), 2015

Tianda Yang, Kai Qian, Dan Chia-Tien  Lo, Kamal Al Nasr,  Ying Qian, Spam Filtering using Association Rules and Na´ve Bayes Classifier,  2015 IEEE  International Progress in Informatics and Computing(IEEE PIC) conference, Dec. 18-20, 2015 

Tianda Yang, Yu Yang, Kai Qian, Dan Chia Tien Lo, Ying Qian, and Lixin Tao, "Automated Detection and Analysis for Android Ransomware" in the proceeding of the IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Security on Cloud, Aug.  24- 26, 2015, New York, USA, pp. 1338 - 1343

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Before 2015

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