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Artist Gallery
The most comprehensive collection of Arthurian illustrations and paintings, sorted by artist.

The Pre-Raphaelites and the New Romantic Tradition

Pre-Raphaelite Women: Art-sisters


Interviews with Modern Arthurian Authors, including Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, and David Lodge.

Character Information

King Arthur's Court: Knights and Ladies of King Arthur's Realm

Female Characters

Chronological Index of Arthurian History, Literature, and Arts

Chronology from AD 175 to Present

Timeline from 383 AD to 1090
A very inclusive timeline, in a more narrative format.

Timeline from 1125 to 1485

Timeline from 1533 to Present


A journal of Arthurian studies. Need to subscribe to get current issue, but you can search the archives online.

Online Texts

The Middle English Collection
A very comprehensive collection of Middle English texts (in Middle English). Useful for comparing translation to original version.

Texts by Author Menu
A list of online texts ordered by author. Some author bibliographies available.

University of Virginia Library
Thousands of online texts available to the public.

Berkley Digital Library
Online Medieval and Classical Library


Terms in Jungian Psychology
An useful primer on terms associated with Jungian psychotherapy.


Search Sites

The Labyrinth
Hosted by Georgetown University; search by topics like chivalry, crusades, and women, and select the medium you would like to find information in, like texts and video.

The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources. Not specifically Arthurian, but you can search under categories like women, religion, and technology.

Britania's King Arthur
"In Britannia's award-winning King Arthur section, you can visit the sites that are associated with Arthur, explore the historical evidence for his existence and discover Glastonbury, the legendary center of the Arthurian universe. Also available are original sources and texts, biographies of Arthurian characters, maps, reading lists and more. "


Women of the Arthurian Legend

British History
"Vortigern Studies has the internet's most comprehensive treatment of Britain's history from the end of the Roman era to Arthurian times."

The Historical Arthur by P. J. C. Field

Critical Studies of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Alan Lupack, updated by Anne Zanzucchi

John Steinbeck's The Acts of King Arthur: Criticism and Reviews by Laura Hodges

Tristan And Isolt in Modern Literature in English by Alan Lupack

Arthurian Film by Kevin J. Harty

Arthurian Animation by Michael N. Salda

Arthurian Music by Jerome V. Reel, Jr.

The Holy Grail
Brief description of the legend and links to texts and images related to the Grail.

Information on Works

Chretien de Troyes The Knight of the Cart
"The Charrette project is a complex, scholarly, multi-media electronic archive containing a medieval manuscript tradition--that of Chrétien de Troyes' Le Chevalier de la Charrette (Lancelot, ca. 1180). It is developed and maintained by the Department of Romance Languages, Princeton University."


The images at the top of the page are from a set of twelve tiles illustrating the Idylls of the King designed by John Moyr Smith for Minton, c.1875. Provided by The Camelot Project, The University of Rochester (