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Laurence Sherr
Elegy and Vision

Elegy and Vision for solo cello
Commemorating my brother Edwin Neal Sherr (1961–1986)
Duration: 7 minutes

Videos, Score Excerpt

Petr Nouzovský, cello
A Holocaust Remembrance: Czech, Dutch, and American Chamber Music of Two Generations
Prague, Czech Republic, 2011

Michal Schmidt, cello
Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2012

Program Notes

Elegy and Vision was jointly commissioned by The [Jimmy] Carter Center of Emory University and cellist Ian Ginsburg. The work was written in memory of my brother Edwin Neal Sherr, who died at the age of 24. As implied by the title, the composition is meant to commemorate Neal’s life as well as to convey a sense of resolution and hope.

Elegy and Vision has been included in concerts related to the Holocaust: Neal and I, and my brother Gilbert, were all named after the members of my mother’s immediate family who died in the Holocaust (she was the only survivor).

The composition is in three sections. The first section is marked Lamentoso, and is followed by increasing intensity and motion in the Un poco mosso of the second section. The music in the last section is marked Calmly, and then, at the very end, Serenely, the latter meant to evoke a lifting of the spirit.

Ian Ginsburg gave the premiere on September 14, 1993, at The Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Dedicated to my brother
Edwin Neal Sherr (1961-1986).
He struggled valiantly in a world
that he could not always understand.