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Laurence Sherr
Khayele's Waltz

Khayele's Waltz
for bassoon and cello
(2017; rvs. 2019): created for the Edelmann-Rust Duo
for clarinet and cello (2018)

Addtional versions for:
viola and cello
viola d'amore and cello
soprano saxophone and cello

Integrates a song from the Vilna ghetto
Duration: 4 minutes

Video and Audio Recordings, Score

Friedrich Edelmann, bassoon, Rebecca Rust, cello
Synagogue Altenkunstadt
Bamberg, Germany

Khayele's Waltz score
Score: clarinet and cello
Fugitive Footsteps audio link
Audio: Deborah Rawson, clarinet, Inbal Megiddo, cello
Wellington, New Zealand

Program Notes

Khayele’s Waltz starts and ends with the waltz melody that appears in the Yiddish song “A mame” (A Mother) by 15-year-old Khayele Poznanski of Vilna. While the origin of this melody is not known, Khayele used it for the lamenting lyrics she created following her mother’s imprisonment in a camp during the Holocaust. Khayele herself later perished in the Holocaust, but her song survived and appears in the post-war collection Lider fun di getos un lagern (Songs from the Ghettos and Camps).