Flame Language
for baritone or mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (2008)
for baritone and chamber orchestra (2007)

a work commemorating the victims of the Holocaust

Video, audio, and score excerpts
Mezzo and chamber ensemble premiere, Prague, 2011
Flame Language-mezzo & chamber video excerpt.mov
Flame Language-mezzo & chamber video-complete

Baritone and chamber ensemble premiere, Atlanta, 2010
Flame Language-chamber audio excerpt.mp3
Flame Language-chamber score excerpt.pdf

Baritone and orchestra premiere, Atlanta, 2008
Flame Language-orchestral video excerpt.mov
Flame Language-orchestral audio excerpt.mp3
Flame Language-orchestral score excerpt.pdf


Premiere performances-programs and performers
Athens / Atlanta


Prague, Czech Republic


"The Candle that I have lit for you"
Nelly Sachs, Holocaust survivor and 1966 Nobel laureate

Program Notes

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