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by Laurence Sherr

Forfest: A Second Impression.” Composer USA: The Bulletin of the National Association of Composers, USA. IV/20/1 (Fall 2014): 1, 10–11
Review of the 2014 Forfest Festival in the Czech Republic

Forfest Impressions.” Composer USA: The Bulletin of the National Association of Composers, USA. IV/19/3 (Winter 2013–2014): 8, 6–7
Review of the 2013 Forfest Festival in the Czech Republic

"A Musical Reflection of Sorrow, Redemption, and the Universal in Nelly Sachs' Poetry: Laurence Sherr's Holocaust Memorial Flame Language." Colloquium of the XXIV. Forfest Festival, Kroměříž, Czech Republic, 2013
Colloquium paper

“Unification of Diversity: [Rzewski's] The People United Will Never Be Defeated!” [translated into German]. MusikTexte: Zeitschrift für Neue Musik 11 (1985): 38–48
Political references and musical analysis of Rzewski's set of piano variations

The Genesis of Agon: Stravinsky, Balanchine and the New York City Ballet. Doctoral dissertation, University of Illinois, 1988

Midnight Dance and EIMI. In 2011 Anthology of Contemporary Concert Music, edited by Chris Brubaker, 113–118 and 373–380, North Hampton: PARMA Recordings, 2011

about, citing, or referring to Laurence Sherr

Laurence Sherr: Chamber Music for Flute. Doctoral treatise by Christina Guenther, Florida State University, 2005
An examination of Dhammapada Verses, Journeys (Within), and Duo Concertante in the context of Sherr's work

Solo Violin Miniatures in the 21st Century: Analysis of Commissioned Works from the Violin Futura Project. Doctoral treatise by Piotr Szewczyk, Florida State University, 2014
Analysis of Midnight Dance (pgs. 33–36 and elsewhere)

Teaching the Holocaust through Music in Secondary Education. Master's thesis, Daniel Gale, Hebrew College, 2016
Sherr as one of main consultants; covers Sherr's pedagogy

Joseph, Charles M. Stravinsky and Balanchine: A Journey of Invention. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2002.
The author noted that Sherr’s research “is particularly useful because his interviews of several dancers do not appear elsewhere”.

Jaffe, Kenneth. Solo vocal works on Jewish themes: a bibliography of Jewish composers. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2011.
Lists Fugitive Footsteps

Scott, Thomas Allan. Interviews with Laurence E. Sherr. Kennesaw, GA: Kennesaw State University Oral History Series, 2019.
2019, 2016, and 2012 interviews with Sherr about his work

Feature Articles
Music: Remembering the Holocaust, The Investigator Research Magazine, Spring 2019
Sherr's Holocaust music research and creative work

Laurence Sherr earns KSU Foundation's Distinguished Faculty Award, Flourish Magazine, 2018–19
University Distinguished Professor Award recognizes the integration of creative activity, scholarship, teaching, and service in Sherr's work

Historical Notes: Professor teaches Holocaust remembrance through music, Kennesaw State University Magazine, Summer 2017
Sherr's work as a professor, composer, lecturer, and concert producer

Laurence Sherr '78: Music and Memory, Duke Magazine, May 19, 2014
Holocaust music and educational events in his mother's home town in Germany

A Composer Studies Abroad: Laurence Sherr's Adventures in Austria, Flourish Magazine, Winter 2006-2007
Article about Sherr's participation in the 2006 KOFOMI Festival and his new work EIMI (magazine page 21)

Strimple, N. Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation by Amy Lynn Wlodarski (review). Music and Letters, Volume 97, Number 2, May 2016, pp. 362-364.
“Still, the number of important Holocaust-related compositions deserving of the same thoughtful consideration... Among those that come immediately to mind are...Laurence Sherr’s Fugitive Footsteps (2002, a setting of poetry by Nelly Sachs)..."

Der Klang der Versöhnung (The Sound of Reconciliation), October 14, 2009
Sherr's 2009 Holocaust memorial activities in Egelsbach, Germany, his mother's birthplace

Erinnerung verblasst nicht (Memory that does not fade), October 16, 2009
Gunter Demnig's memorials for the ancestors of Laurence Sherr

Stolperstein-Premiere in Egelsbach (First Stolplerstein in Egelsbach), October 9, 2009
Sherr's musical and lecture event in connection with the first Stolperstein memorials in Egelsbach

“Composer Laurence Sherr: Flute Works and Compositional Techniques”, Christina Guenther, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 2003
Doctoral lecture-recital, with premiere of Duo Concertante—mvts. II and III on Videos page

“The Flute Music of Laurence Sherr”, Christina Guenther, Florida Flute Fair, Daytona Beach, FL, 2004
State-wide conference, performance of Duo Concertante

“Cooperative Production in Recording Contemporary Music: A Performer’s Recording Series”, Jeri-Mae Astolfi, College Music Society National Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, 2007
Sherr’s Nocturne cited