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Laurence Sherr
Review Quotes

"...long-breathed piano chords and “strummed harp” sonorities  provided the basis for the ‘cello’s prayerful melodic outpourings, leading to more dynamic interactions between the instruments. Then, in the “lullaby” section the mood became less declamatory and more personal, a beautiful cantabile ‘cello melody [Ilse Weber's "Wiegala"] expressing an individual voice’s faith in and hope for a better life."
Middle C: Classical Music Reviews, Wellington, New Zealand (Sonata for Cello and Piano–Mir zaynen do!)

"Sherr’s Elegy and Flame Language (an adaptation of a poem by Nelly Sachs) neatly captured moments of meditation, discovery and despair...Memorial concerts can be overbearing, but this one felt more redeeming than depressing, in keeping with the goal expressed by the organizers..."
Prague Culture

"Atlanta composer Laurence Sherr’s enticingly titled “The Fiber Sculptures of a Celestial Vision”…works well as an impressionistic tone poem or as abstract music…Sherr extracts an arresting array of subtle shades of light and darkness…This fascinating coloristic world was successfully communicated…"
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"A multifaceted interplay of musical shards…Listening to this movement is akin to participating in a creative process…swirling rhythm at once edgy and sensuous. The music is sprightly and surprisingly, with a mysterious echoic quality…"
The Gainesville Times (Illuminations for orchestra)

"Such concern with subtleties of tone color is characteristic of Mr. Sherr… Sherr…proceeded to write a made-to-order piece carefully geared to the strengths and idiosyncrasies of each musician…the composer reveals his attention to color, achieving different timbral shades…He strives to make his music accessible and melodious without sacrificing deeper values:…"
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Dhammapada Verses)

"…Sherr has craftily engaged all of the performers in a stylish, dissonant and rhapsodic style that showcased all of them…[Dhammapada Verses] was a very satisfying conclusion to the afternoon…"
Charleston Evening Post

"...beautiful memorial composition Elegy and Vision (the version for cello and bassoon in it's European premiere) from American second-generation composer Laurence Sherr, which was well balanced and very engaging."
Hudební rozhledy (Musical Views, Czech national music magazine)

"…”Blue Ridge Frescos” for classical guitar, in which Sherr captures the character of the mountains of his homeland in impressionistic sound pictures."
DrehPunktKultur: Die Salzburger Kulturzeitung im Internet

"…smooth sweetness of Georgian Laurence Sherr’s transcription of Debussy’s “Arabesque” for orchestra…A welcome innovation was Sherr’s explanation of some of the methods by which he achieved the orchestral colors…"
The Macon Telegraph

"Shades of klezmer, Eastern European folk and Jewish liturgical melodies haunt a new choral piece…"
The Jewish Times (Fugitive Footsteps for baritone and mixed chorus)

"Laurence Sherr created a ritual musical event…"
Salzburger Nachrichten (EIMI)

"The duo of flautist Christina Guenther and percussionist Dan Davis delivered a masterful performance of Laurence Sherr's Duo Concertante, exploring a wide range of sounds and displaying dazzling virtuosity throughout the compelling work's three movements."
SCI Conference Blog

"…haunting thought-provoking music…"
The [KSU] Sentinel

Reviews of the CD KoFoMi #11: KULT that includes Sherr’s EIMI
"What was produced in the context of an environment that spawns creativity, spans the range of composers that flirt with expressive free jazz aesthetics (Sherr)…enticing artistic expertise… sensitively constructed sound architectures and visionary inspired extensions…"
Freistil: Magazin fuer Musik und Umgebung

"A wonderful supportive exhibit of the composer’s workshop that juxtaposes approaches and styles…"
Skug: Journal für Musik