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M. Guzzi  


Assistant Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics

Fields of interest: Theoretical High Energy Physics, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), Hadron Collider Phenomenology, Physics Beyond the Standard Model.

Office: SC 436
Phone: +1 470 578 4783
E-mail: mguzzi@kennesaw.edu

My CV and Publications:
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Publications (InSpire-HEP)

Laurea degree in Theoretical Physics: Jul 24 2002, University of Salento, ITALY.
PhD in Theoretical Physics: Sep 28 2006, University of Salento, ITALY.

Previous Positions
Postdoc, University of Manchester, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. Sep 2014 - Aug 2017.
Postdoc, DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Hamburg. Affiliated Theorist of the CMS collaboration, Hamburg, GERMANY. Oct 2012 - Oct 2014.
Postdoc, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA. Sep 2009 - Aug 2012.
Postdoc, INFN fellow, University of Salento & INFN sez. Lecce, Lecce, ITALY. 1 Mar 2007 - 1 Mar 2009;

Courses at KSU
Fall 2017: Principles of Physics I - PHYS2211 Syllabi [pdf]
Spring 2018: Principles of Physics I - PHYS2211

Research Activity --
I am a theoretical particle physicist with interests in many areas of High Energy Physics.
My research work involves Calculations in Quantum Field Theory, Computer Simulations and Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data.
I do research in quantum Field Theory of the strong interactions (Quantum Chromodynamics) and Hadron Collider Phenomenology with a special focus on precision physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
I have expertise in analyzing the structure of the proton, in particular parton distribution functions (PDFs) of the proton, and in perturbative calculations for vector boson, top-quark pair, and QCD jet production at the LHC.
I have extensively worked on Physics Beyond the Standard Model (SM) and tested predictions of several extensions of the SM at the LHC to investigate possible signatures of New Physics.

Research Collaborations
I am a long term collaborator of the CTEQ group, a world leading collaboration for studies on the structure of the proton, and I am a member of the PROSA collaboration.
I have also contributed to develop parts of the xFitter open source platform for multiple studies in QCD.
I actively collaborate with the Elementary Particle Theory group at Manchester University in UK, with the CMS experimental group at DESY Hamburg in Germany,
with the Particle Theory Group at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas TX, and with the Theoretical Physics Group of Salento University in Italy.

Open source computer codes
Here you can find links to open source codes which I contributed to develop:
Candia, a C-based package implementing a new algorithm to solve DGLAP equations using methods of logarithmic expansions in the x-space.
DiffTop, a Fortran-based package to calculate the differential and total cross section for heavy-quark pair production at hadron colliders for one-particle inclusive (1PI) kinematics.


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