Data-driven Intelligence Research (DIR) Laboratory

The Data-driven Intelligence Research (DIR) Lab does research into future generations of Data-driven Intelligence and its applications. Despite recent advances and enthusiasm in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, most of current applications are fairly simple or narrow.  Our research aims to create science and technology that will surmount these limitations and enable Data-driven Intelligence to meaningfully improve many aspects of people's lives. 
Our research interests include reasoning, ontology, data science, data security & privacy, machine learning, and data-driven deep learning.  We actively build prototypes and proof-of-concepts, and also develop new computational approaches that advance the scientific state of the art.  

Contact the director if you are interested in diving into the data-driven cutting-edge skills!

Dr. Meng Han (
Tel: 470-578-3801
Faculty Advisor & Members:
Dr. Lei Li
Tel: 470-578-3915
Dr. Lin Li
Tel: 470-578-2344
Collaborated Ph.D. Student:
Ms. Liyuan Liu
Industrial Collaborators:
Dr. Mohammed Korayem, CareerBuilder
Dr. Qinlong Luo, Global Chief Data Office, IBM
Ms. Cyndy Yu, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Graduate Research Assistants:
Ms. Shreya Desai (MSIT Student @ KSU)
Ms. Jhanvi Devangbhai Vyas (MSIT Student @ KSU)
Ms. Lingyun Yang (MSCS Student @ KSU)
Ms. Bing Han (MSCS Student @ KSU)
Graduate Research Mentee:
Ms. Qixuan Hou (Master Candidate in Analytics @ Georgia Institute of Technology)
Dr. Bingchen Yu (Research Scientist @ Georgia State University)
Undergraduate Research Mentee:
Mr. Ryan Taylor BSIT @ Kennesaw State University
Mr. Jingtao Li BSCS @ University of California, Davis
Ms. Yuyao Wang BSFS @ The Chinese University of Hong Kong
DIR Lab Alumni/Alumna:
Ms. Mizzani Walker-Holmes, Undergraduate Research Mentee at DIR
Current: Data Scientist at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Ms. Erin Cho, High School Research Mentee at DIR
Current: BSCS Student at Vanderbilt University
Ms. Archana Joshi, Graduate Research Assistant at DIR
Current: Consultant at Deloitte LLP
Ms. Ramya Kavya Nalla, Graduate Research Assistant at DIR
Current: Developer at Advantasure
DIR Lab Location: Marietta Campus, Atrium(J)-170
1100 South Marietta Pkwy, Marietta, GA, 30060