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EDUC 2110 This course engages potential teacher education candidates in observations and interactions in schools, and analyses of critical and contemporary educational issues. 

ECE 7514 Through the exploration of both traditional and advanced educational technologies, candidates will develop technological skills and strategies of implementation to build an integrated plan of utilizing technology for improving classroom teaching and student learning.
ECE 7542 This course focuses on multimedia presentations and e-portfolio development for diverse learners. The course is designed to prepare classroom leaders to develop the knowledge and skills of implementing multimedia and Internet technology in presentation, classroom teaching and e-portfolio development.
ECE 8150 This course will explore the critical issues and updated applications of educational technology in elementary and early childhood education.

ECE 7511 Through the exploration of ed research,
candidates make informed decisions for intervention.

ECE 4403 This course involves the study and application of social studies as an integrating element in the elementary curriculum.  Candidates will focus on the nature, theory, and application of the social studies in order to prepare students to become citizen actors, adopt problem solving dispositions and achieve excellence in the application of oral and written communication skills.