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The Courage to Lead for the Common Good

Betty Siegel, KSU President


It has already been a remarkable fall semester at Kennesaw State University. The weekend before the opening of school, I had the great pleasure of joining our first residential students as they moved their belongings into apartments at University Place. I remembered moving my own sons into their college dormitories many years ago, and I reflected on what an amazing rite of passage it was. A new world opens up to residential students as they become part of an extended community of learners, and, indeed, this sense of promise was palpable at University Place on that late August morning.

This “living learning” community changes our campus in fundamental ways, even as we are deepening our commitment to the core values of our institution. Over the last several years, we have been highlighting our obligations to our profession, our colleagues, our students, and the various publics we serve. During year-long campaigns dedicated to the themes of service, collaboration, engagement, and significance, we have considered more fully our role as educators and renewed our energy and purpose both in and out of the classroom.

A Kennesaw State education has long been much more than a collection of courses or a ticket to a trade, but now we are asking more significant questions about the deeper meaning of education and our ability to make lasting contributions to the larger public good. More is expected of us now as a true university of character, and our momentum is strong.


Betty L. Siegel