Internal Coverage

The Office of Media Relations publishes three internal publications:

  • Access newspaper is published nine times each year.
  • Access online is updated weekly.
  • Summit Magazine is published two times each year.

Decisions about which news stories and events to cover in KSU’s internal publications are made by our editorial staff in the same way external publications make decisions. We strive for a mix of stories from across campus with each publication. Often interesting news or events will not be covered because of limited space and resources.

For your news or event to be considered for an internal publication, please submit information using the Publicity Form.

If we plan to cover your news or event in an internal publication, we will assign a photographer as needed. If our office is not covering your event, our photographer will not be available to take photos for you. If you would like photographs of the event for your own use, options include borrowing a point-and-shoot camera from our office or hiring a freelance photographer (we can recommend some).