Plotting Applet

The purpose of this applet is to plot functions. It can plot up to 10 different functions at the same time. It can also be used to solve equations numerically. Here is a brief description of how to use this applet and what its features are.

  1. The Viewing Window Parameters area is used to set the area of the graph the user wishes to see. Use it as follows:
  2. The Function Information area is where the functions to be plotted are entered. Use this area as follows:
  3. The Zoom and Trace area is where zooming and tracing take place. Use this area as follows:
  4. Scrolling the plot area.
    The plot area can also be scrolled to view a different part of it as follows:
    1. The user can use the mouse. Simply hold the SHIFT key and click somewhere on the plot, then drag the mouse. As the mouse moves, the plot area will follow it.
    2. The user can also use the keyboard. With the mouse pointer over the plot area, press and hold the SHIFT key. While holding the SHIFT key, use the arrow keys to move in the desired direction.
  5. The Control Buttons area contains buttons which have a global effect for the applet.
  6. The Messages area is where the applet communicates with the user. Error messages as well as user information is displayed there. Errors are displayed in red, while information is displayed in black.

This applet was developed by Dr. Philippe B. Laval, at Kennesaw State University.
This work was funded in part by:
The National Science Foundation # DUE-9952568
The US Department of Education FIPSE #P116B00178