Early America

Jamestown: Against All Odds
Last of the Mohicans
American Revolutionary Era
Diversity in Colonial America
Road to Revolution
The Hornet's Nest
American Crisis
American Constitution: Ghosts of 1787
PBS' American Experience: Alexander Hamilton
PBS' Liberty: Reluctant Revolutionaries
Jacksonian America
Andrew Jackson
PBS' American Experience: We Shall Remain (After the Mayflower, part 1 of 5)
PBS' American Experience: We Shall Remain (Tecumseh's Vision, part 2 of 5)
PBS' American Experience: We Shall Remain (Trail of Tears, part 3 of 5)
PBS' American Experience: We Shall Remain (Geronimo, part 4 of 5)
Civil War + Reconstruction
Antebellum Slavery PowerPoint
Thaddeus Stevens on Freedmen
Alexander Stephens on Reconstruction
Gilded Age
Plessy v. Ferguson
Without Sanctuary (view all images and captions)
"Cross of Gold"
Looking Back
Josiah Strong on Immigration
Race Traits and Tendencies (Chapter 7 only: pp. 310-329)
The Populist Party Platform, July 4, 1892
Progressive Era
"New Nationalism"
W. E. B. Du Bois's "The Talented Tenth"
Booker T. Washington's "Atlanta Cotton Exposition"
Term List for Progressive Presidents documentary
World War I
World War I and its Aftermath
In Love and War
Shell Shock
"Fourteen Points"
Wilson and the League of Nations
Lodge and the League of Naitons
"The Working Party"
Inter-War Period
Jesus, CEO
Ken Burns's Huey Long
From the Great War to the Great Depression
Boom to Bust (1920-1929) from The American Century 
Terms List for Boom to Bust
PBS' American Experience: The Crash of 1929
The Great Depression
The Great Shake Up
Heaven's Fall
Dust Bowl

“Racist Ideology and Black Abnormality in The Birth of a Nation” (Must log in to JSTOR via Sturgis Library)

“Women of the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s”
"Letter from Herbert Hoover to Franklin Roosevelt"
New Deal "Fireside Chat"
Social Security Act (1935)
"Share the Wealth Program" (Only read: February 5, 1934)
World War II
Ken Burns's The War (episode 1)
Franklin Roosevelt's "Pearl Harbor Speech"
The World at War - "On our Way"
World War II
"Atlantic Charter"
"Executive Order 9066"
Tuskegee Airmen
"The Scientific Tragedy of the Atomic Bomb"
Cold War Era
Korean War Stories
"Frozen Chosin" from Oliver North's War Stories
ABCs The Century - "Happy Daze"
"The Long Telegram"
Charles Vursell’s “Speech on the Marshall Plan”

“Observations on Massive Retaliation”

MacArthur Defends His Actions in Korea
FBI Files: Medgar Evers (Only read: pp. 29-60)
Joseph McCarthy on "Communist Threat"
Joseph McCarthy Responds to Edward R. Murrow from Good Night and Good Luck
Army-McCarthy Hearings
Alger Hiss Trial
Alfred Kinsey's Sexual Revolution
Billy Graham
Dr. Stangelove
"Checkers Speech"
Civil Rights and the Sixties
MLK on Time Capsule (1957)
Eyes on the Prize (episode 1)
Death of Emmett Till
Martin Luther King - A Historical Perspective
Eyes on the Prize - Rosa Parks
Malcolm X: Interview with City Desk
PBS' American Experience: The Kennedys
Final scene of Spike Lee's Malcolm X
Brown v Board of Education
"The Southern Manifesto"
"I've Been to the Mountaintop"
"Nonviolence: The Only Road to Freedom"
Greensboro Sit-In (Read newspaper articles dated February 2 - February 10)
"Sharon Statement"
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Interview on The Open Mind (about the New Negro of the 1950s)
"Port Huron Statement" (Only read: introduction
New Frontier
"Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
CIAs Internal Probe of the "Bay of Pigs" Affair (Click on appropriate link)
"Record of Meeting During the Cuban Missile Crisis"
Lyndon Johnson's Draft of "Plan of Action for South Vietnam"
"Great Society Speech"
Bill Moyers' The Journal: LBJs Road to War (on PBS)
"The Best Man"
FBI Files: Weather Underground Organization (Read: part I, pages 36-49)
Zapruder Film
Earl Lewis, "Race"
PBS' Vietnam (episode "Tet: 1968)
The Seventies and Beyond
United States v. Nixon
"Silent Majority Speech"
PBS' American Experience: Roberto Clemente
"Evil Empire Speech"
"The Iran-Contra Scandal: A Postmortem" (Read only: "The Scourge of Covert Operations"
Presidential Biographies
Life and Times of Dwight Eisenhower
PBS' American Experience: Jimmy Carter
PBS' American Experience: Richard Nixon
PBS' American Experience: Franklin Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy: In His Own Words
Richard Nixon: In His Own Words
Famous Speeches

George Washington: 1st Inaugural Address

Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural Address

Andrew Jackson: 1st Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln: 1st Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln: 2nd Inaugural Address
Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Address
Franklin Roosevelt: 1st Inaugural Address
Lyndon Baines Johnson Inaugural Address
John F. Kennedy: Inaugural Speech
Ronald Reagan: 1st Inaugural Speech
Barack Obama: Inaugural Speech
The Origins of Species