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Textbook (required):  The textbook is freely available online at:

Should you wish to purchase a printed copy of the textbook, here is the information:
Software Testing Principles and Practices
(1st Edition) Srinivasan Desikan, Ramesh Gopalaswamy (Author).  Pearson. ISBN-13: 978-8177581218, ISBN-10: 817758121X

  Prerequisites:  SWE 3313 Introduction to Software Engineering 

Credit: 3-0-3

Overview:   This course will show how software quality assurance and configuration management is performed and how software process improvement is maintained in order to assure the highest possible quality. Topics include software process metrics and their use in QA, testing approaches, methods and techniques. Development of QA plans, reviews, inspections and audits will be done. Configuration control boards and methods for software process improvement is discussed.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

1.    Demonstrate an understanding of the notion of quality and the definitions of quality. 

2.    Demonstrate an understanding of setting quality goals, measuring techniques, and analyzing product and process quality. 

3.    Develop test plans, test processes, test scenarios, and test cases to achieve the quality goal. 

4.    Use a range of techniques to achieve the quality goals for software product through:

     a.    inspections/reviews

     b.    black box/white box testing techniques

     c.    unit, integration, system (and regression) testing

Important Dates and Delivery:  This course utilizes the online delivery method.  The first day of class is Wednesay, 6/2, the last day of class is Monday, 7/26, the last day to withdraw without academic penalty is Thursday, 6/24.  The final exam will be on the 7/28 to 7/29.


The course grade will be determined in the following manner. 

Grading Plan

Grading Scale

Discussion                   10%

[ 90, ∞)          A

Homework                   35%

[ 80,90 )         B

Module Quizzes          10%

[70,80)           C

Midterm Exam             20%

[60, 70)          D

Final Exam                   25%

( 0, 60)            F


Please note the following exceptions to how your grade for the course is calculated:

Your course grade cannot be more than one grade higher than your project grade (or assignment average if a project is not done).  You cannot pass this class if you miss a major assessment (mid-term, final, project) or more than one homework assignment.

Course Requirements and Assignments

This course involves the following components:

  • Readings - In each learning module, you will read assigned readings related to testing and quality assurance.  Assigned readings will support your completion of the module homework assignment.

  • Videos - you will be provided with various online lectures and tutorials that you are expected to review. 

  • Homework - you will have five homework assignments.

  • Discussion/Participation - Online students - each module contains a required discussion component. 

  • Quizzes - Each module contains a quiz to test your understanding of basic concepts.

  • Exams and Quizzes - There will be a midterm and a final exam.

 Grade Components

Homework Assignments

You will have a total of five homework assignment in which in which you demonstrate your understanding of the course material. 

 All written assignments will be evaluated in Turnitin for originality.  Do not reuse work from other classes!  If you use outside sources, you must site them PROPERLY to avoid a penalty for plagiarism. 

 I ask that you format all work with very specific instructions.  When you do not format your work as I ask, it slows the grading process.  If you are unsure of how to format an assignment, you should ask.  You will lose points if you do not adhere to formatting requests.  In addition, this is not an English class, but you will lose points for improper grammar and/or spelling!

 For all learning modules, you are required to complete a content-related discussion post.

Your posts are expected to demonstrate your understanding expressed in your own words, but you should take care to properly cite work that is not your own.  Plagiarism carries penalties from a 0 on the assignment to charges of academic misconduct.
You will be required to take a quiz for every learning module. Quizzes are open book, open notes, open resources.

Pay attention to quiz due dates. They will not be re-opened if you miss one unless you have a documented, excused reason for missing the quiz that spans a reasonable amount of time before the due date.


Religious Observance:  I encourage students in promoting their spiritual health. Religiously observant students wishing to be absent on holidays that require missing class and/or exam should notify the instructor at least two weeks in advance and discuss acceptable ways of making up any work missed because of the absence. It is up to the student to be proactive and handle this early in the semester.

Hardware/Software Requirements

This course requires that you are able to access the online components through a Web browser; your browser must support Flash player to view the video tutorials.  Additionally, you will need to develop programs in C# or Java, so you must have a computer that can run the language and the development IDE.

Make-up Policy

If a student must miss a test or final exam due to a documented, legitimate reason (illness with documentation, family death, etc.), then a make-up test/exam will be administered.  To coordinate this, contact  me as soon as possible.  It is the responsibility of the student to coordinate this in a timely manner 

Late Work

Late work will be penalized by deducting 20% of its total grade per calendar day and will not be evaluated if submitted with more than 2 day’s delay. Late work is penalized for two reasons: to be fair (all students should be given the same time limits!) and to help you to have sufficient time for each assignment (if you spend too much time on one assignment, you will not have sufficient time for the next one).  

If you will have to miss a deadline for extraordinary reasons (e.g., personal illness, death in the family, etc.), you should inform me as soon as you can, indicating when you will submit the work. I will try to accommodate your needs.


The University provides all KSU students with an "official" email account with the address "" As a result of federal laws protecting educational information and other data, this is the sole email account you should use to communicate with your instructor or other University officials.  Professional communication is important in presenting yourself. You must use proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. when communicating in your submissions and via email to me. Do not use texting shorthand when emailing me.  I want to encourage your professional development, and I also don't have time to decipher cryptic emails that are not clearly written. 

I will generally be able to answer emails during the work week and weekends within 12 hours but definitely within 48 hours of receipt.

Attendance: While this is an online class, you should budget time each week for doing the readings and the assignments.   

Federal, State, KSU and BOR Policy Requirements Statements

 Academic Integrity:  Your integrity is of high value, don't risk it at this vital stage of your life.  Academic dishonesty will follow you for the rest of your life and devalues the education of others.  This is a serious matter and should be considered as such.  For more details, see

 KSU Disruption of Campus Life Policy: All students are responsible for knowing the information, policies and procedures outlined in the Kennesaw State University Codes of Conduct .  For more details, see

 KSU Web Accessibility Policy Statement:  For more details, see 

KSU Reasonable Accommodations Policy:  Students with qualifying disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act who require "reasonable accommodation(s)" to complete the course may request those from Office of Student Disability Services.  For more details, see 

KSU Enrollment Management/Course Attendance Policy:  Students are solely responsible for managing their enrollment status in a class; nonattendance does not constitute a withdrawal.  

KSU Military Withdrawals Policy:  Kennesaw State students who are called to active duty or who are deployed during the term may be eligible for a military withdrawal.  For more details, see 

Copyright Law:  It is the responsibility KSU faculty and students to respect the rights of copyright holders and complying with copyright law.  For more details, see

 Protecting Students' Privacy (FERPA):  Students have certain rights to privacy. These rights are mandated by federal policy.  For more details, see

 KSU Sexual Misconduct Policy:  KSU does not condone and will not tolerate sexual misconduct or sexually exploitative or harassing behavior of any kind.  For more details, see

 KSU Course Withdrawal Policy:  Students may withdraw from one or more courses any time before the last week of the semester.  For more details, see

 Netiquette: Communication Courtesy:  All members of the class are expected to follow rules of common courtesy in all email messages, threaded discussions and chats.   

Inclement Weather Policy:  During the course of the year, Kennesaw State University may decide to close campus or operate on a delayed schedule in cases of inclement weather.  For more details, see

Academic Feedback: For more details see:

 Getting Help:  For more details see: 

Additional Technology Resources:  For more details see:

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 Grade Appeals and Student Complaints:  For more details see:

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