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RWH's Current Courses at KSU:


N.B.: First-Year Guidelines for University-Level Writing


Fall 2008: ENGL 2110-18: World Literature


Fall 2008: ENGL 2110-24: World Literature


RWH’s Prior Courses:

Spring 2008: ENGL 2110-W38: World Literature
Spring 2008: ENGL 2110-23: World Literature
Summer 2007: AMST 3750-01: American Suburbs
Summer 2007: ENGL 2145-01
Summer 2007: PRWR 6800: Readings for Writers: James and Christopher Dickey
Spring 2007: ENGL 1102-H3: Composition II
Spring 2007: ENGL 2145: Introduction to the Major
Spring 2007: PRWR 6470-01: Poetry Writing

Fall 2006: ENGL 1101-H3
Fall 2006: ENGL 2145-02
Fall 2006: FILM 3220-02: Movies of Kenya
Spring 2006: ENGL 2145-01/-02: Introduction to English Studies
Summer 2006: ENGL 3100-01: Creative Writing: Poetry
Summer 2006: HONORS 2290: Vehicles+Movies
Summer 2006: PRWR 6470-01: Creative Writing: Poetry

(Winter 1997-Fall 2005)



Documented Essays:

The Documented Essay (Notes Perpetually in Progress)


Works Consulted:
Samples of MLA-style Citations (Perpetually in Progress)


GALILEO: Georgia Library Learning Online


Ongoing Bibliography of Fiction, Cinema, and Essays


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Internet Class Assistant (ICA2)


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Kennesaw Review


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Scholarship Kennesaw

CETL Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Studies

Billy Goat Press


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