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Web Page of Russell Shaver


An Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science and Information Systems Department





I can be contacted at one of the following locations, and will respond to e-mails, generally within 24 hours.

If you need to speak with me directly then please try the phone number.


On Site:  Wandering the hallways of the Clendenin Building, Library, or Student Center


Off Site: Southeastern United States on the road, or at my home


Phone:  770-608-3011. This is my cell phone. If I am unavailable, leave a voice message


E-mail:  rshaver@kennesaw.edu




Courses Taught:         CSIS 1020

CSIS 3510

CSIS 4575


Syllabus CSIS 1020
Syllabus CSIS 3510
Syllabus 4575