Tilings from Historical Sources

The images in this first group are taken from the CD-Rom edition of The Grammar of Ornament, originally published in 1856 by Owen Jones (1808-74).  Jones was a Welsh architect who at the age of twenty-three went on a tour of Turkey, Egypt, Sicily, and Spain.  He returned with a large collection of drawings and plaster casts and eventually set up his own lithographic press to publish his works.  The CD-Rom edition  of The Grammar of Ornament  is published and © Octavo corporation, www.octavo.com.  The images here are reproduced by kind permission of the publishers.

Egyptian  Persian  Pompeian  Byzantine  Arabian  Moresque  Indian  Hindoo  Chinese  Middle Ages  Renaissance  Elizabethan

The designations above are those of Mr. Jones.

Images from other sources

English  Modern  Persian  Roman  Arab  Greek  North Africa  M.C.Escher

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